Business Partner Profile: Kula Yoga & Tea

Madi Hall had been working as the business manager for Nourish Yoga for a little under a year when the owner, Nancy Burtenshaw, sold her the business last October. Since Madi was accustomed to handling the daily duties as manager, the transition was fairly smooth. She will be adding a tea shop and serving specialty teas that are popular in the community, including organic teas from the Kai Tea Store in Deary. The business is now named Kula Yoga & Tea. Madi was excited to be able to keep all the current yoga teachers and to provide continuity for the community.

  Madi & Holo.

 Madi & Holo.

Madi came to Moscow from Boise four years ago and loves the green hills of the Palouse. Her partner, Ryan, works at Tapped, which is conveniently located next door to Kula Yoga & Tea. They have a son, Holo, short for Holocene (he was named after the Holocene Epoch, the current geological era.) Owning her own business gives Madi the opportunity to set her own hours and spend more time with her son.

Madi finished her yoga teacher training, which requires 200 training hours, last June. She received some of her training from Neisha Zollinger of Jackson, Wyoming, and from Nancy Burtenshaw of Moscow. Madi employs ten to twelve yoga teachers, who teach a varying number of classes per week. Many of the teachers use Anusara, a modern Hatha-based yoga. Anusara means “flowing with grace” and “following your heart.” Some teachers also offer Yin yoga and other meditation practices.

Madi said yoga increases strength and flexibility, and helps align your body. It allows people to keep moving as they age and live longer. Yoga can be an emotional rock for people, helping them keep depression and anxiety at bay. For some people it is a spiritual experience. Yoga can also help hard-core athletes and dancers with balance and flexibility.

Kula Yoga & Tea offers many different classes, including a class for kids and moms. The children are mostly toddlers. At the end of the class each person picks an emotion and they all dance to that suggestion. Madi calls it a “crazy fun dance time.” The business has classes on weekday mornings and evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Sunday evenings. They sometimes offer workshops on the weekends for which they bring in teachers who want to focus on a specific topic. Madi is excited to start a woman's circle on Saturdays, during which attendees will talk about being women in our community.

Kula Yoga & Tea has special pricing on multiple classes. They offer a five-pass option for $50, a monthly unlimited pass for $100, and a student unlimited pass for $60. Teens can get a $5 pass.

The grand opening will be on January 7, 2017 from 3-5:00pm. Tiffany Wood, a popular yoga instructor in the area, will help lead the ceremony. To learn more about Kula Yoga & Tea, go to their website:


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Co-op owners who are first-time visitors to Kula Yoga & Tea can buy one regularly scheduled class and get one free (75 or 90 min.)

Kula Yoga & Tea can be contacted at: (208) 596-7040 or

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