Good Food Book Club

No matter how sophisticated or wealthy or enlightened or broke you are, how you eat tells all.  ~ Geneen Roth

We start the new year with a New York Times bestseller that’s a treat: Women, Food, and God: An Unexpected Look at Almost Everything by Geneen Roth. Becoming a classic in the food, spirit, conscious-living arena, this is a book with which to begin things: new years, new presidencies, new eras.

As beloved writer Anne Lamott says, “This is a hugely important work, a life-changer, one that will free untold women from the tyranny of fear and hopelessness around their bodies. Beautifully written, a joy to read, rich in both revelation and great humor.”

Geneen Roth first wrote about compulsions with food in her seminal When Food Is Love, her first New York Times bestseller. She’s now spent the better part of four decades writing and teaching about the connection between what you eat and your innermost beliefs are about who you are. Once she learned to drop her own expectations and to trust herself and her relationship with food, she stopped compulsive eating. Then, as described in Women, Food, and God, she articulates her most basic concept, as described in the publisher’s synopsis: “The way you eat is inseparable about your beliefs of being alive. Your relationship with food is an exact mirror of your feelings about love, fear, anger, meaning transformation, and yes, even God. But it doesn’t stop there. Geneen shows how going beyond both the food and the feelings takes you deeper into the realms of spirit and soul taking you to the bright center of your own life.”

The book is broken into three main sections: Principles, Practices, and Eating. Chapters include About God, Ending the War, Married to Amazement, Reteaching Loveliness and The “Oh Shit” Mantra.

Rick Foster, co-author of Happiness & Wealth and How We Choose to Be Happy, writes, "Geneen Roth has written an extraordinary book—at once beautiful, moving, funny and searing. Most important, she gives us a practical way to use our bodies—along with some of the most difficult parts of our emotional lives—as gracious and transformative portals to our soul."

Given the intense and often shocking news since November 8 of last year, it seems we could all use some more of that.

Please join us to discuss Women, Food, and God: An Unexpected Look at Almost Everything by Geneen Roth (Scribner, 2011) on Sunday, January 29, from 6-7:30 pm in the Co-op deli. Remember to email to receive email reminders about the Good Food Book Club. Women, Food, and God is available through your local library. If you are interested in buying the book, check out the area’s local used bookstores or visit BookPeople of Moscow where Book Club members receive a discount. For more information about the Good Food Book Club, check out the Outreach section of the Co-op website,