Staff Profile: Josh Edwards

Many employees say the Moscow Food Co-op staff “feels like family,” but this is literally true (on a small scale) for Josh Edwards. His wife is a cook in the Co-op kitchen and his brother is a stocker in grocery. Although Josh has only been working at the Co-op since late November—ten days at the time of our interview, actually—he already knew some of the staff through his wife and brother. He enjoys his co-workers immensely, appreciates that the results of his hard work contribute to shoppers’ satisfaction and the overall success of the Co-op, and values that his supervisor outwardly recognizes when staff are doing something well. He would also like to sample all the foods in the Co-op cases.

Originally from Boise, Josh moved to Moscow for a change of pace. He worked for a couple of years before deciding to pursue a history degree at the University of Idaho. He has been in his history program (emphasis on Medieval Europe and Trade) for a year and a half and is excited to be delving into more degree-focused classes. He would love to attend field school to do archaeological work in Europe, specifically on mountains that, due to receding permafrost, are revealing secrets of the past in the form of ancient tools, weapons, clothing, bodies, and more. His ultimate professional goal is to teach and share his excitement for history.

Two of Josh’s hobbies relate directly to his passion for medieval history. First, he is a medieval reenactor. “I get in armor and hit people. They hit you back. It’s a great way to blow off steam,” Josh says. Yes, he is one of the armored people you may have seen wielding a sword in East City Park. This can be considered a combat or contact sport, as well as a martial art. Participants use full armor and weapons. Josh says that to be properly outfitted, you need padded or quilted clothing under your armor. The armored pieces include a helmet, arm pieces, a chest piece, leg pieces, and gauntlets. (He ordered his helmet from a man in Colville, Washington. Who knew? Thumbs up for shopping relatively local!) His sword is made from rattan (like bamboo, but solid in the middle) rather than steel for added safety. Don’t worry—it may be safer, but you can still feel it.

Second, with the help of YouTube, Josh has taught himself nalbinding. In Danish, this literally translates to “binding with a needle” or “needle-binding.” Popular in Viking-era Scandinavia, but dating back to ancient Egypt, nalbinding precedes both knitting and crocheting. Josh is working on a hat to go under his helmet.

He’s still figuring out how to balance everything—but says that taking a pause, thinking about it all, and saying his direction out loud, helps him to assess. Just married earlier this year in May, Josh and his wife have two big dogs—a 100 pound German Shepherd and an 85 pound yellow lab/Rottweiler mix—and they enjoy getting outside with the dogs whenever possible.

  • Favorite Moscow Food Co-op Food: Pesto Walnut Pizza
  • Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski (first movie that he and his wife watched together)
  • What makes Josh laugh: Dry wit
  • Three Things Josh Would Bring if Stranded on an Island:

1. & 2. Breeding Pair of Sheep;  3. 50 pounds of salt

  • Superpower: Mild Telekinesis (Rationale: With great power comes great responsibility. Josh would like to avoid being expected to save the world and therefore would prefer less responsibility, which equates to “little” telekinesis.)