Co-op Business Partner Profile: Piper Warwick - MS, LMHC, Counseling & Therapy Services

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Piper Warwick offers counseling and therapy services in a cheerful room on the first floor of the Gladish Building in Pullman, Washington. The room is reflective of Piper, who has a very upbeat and bubbly personality. 

Piper has been doing private practice therapy since 2001. It is a calling she has had since she was very young.  As a child, she first wanted to be a vet, then an astronaut, then at six or seven years old, she knew she wanted to be “someone like a psychiatrist.”  In her late teens she was still drawn to areas involving human behavior – sociology, psychology and anthropology. She earned her undergrad degree in Sociology and Psychology then went to Ellensburg, where she earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Clinical Therapy. After working in Spokane for ten years, Piper moved back to Pullman and opened her current business.  She was born outside of Pullman, so she is back to her roots.

Piper did an internship at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane in the BEST program for children. Children would go to this day program in place of going to school. They were taught behavioral management areas such as health skills, anger management and impulse control. The program also had a caregiver component to teach families how to help their children. After leaving the program, the children would attend regular school classes. Piper had a great experience working with all these people, including other therapists and nurses. She said, “This is where I developed my passion for working with children and teens.”

When working with children, Piper incorporates art therapy, play therapy and sand tray therapy. She uses stuffed animals, books and games to help children heal. Piper said kids work through what is bothering them through play, acting out things that happened at home or other places.

In addition to working with young people, Piper also works with adults. She treats people coping with anxiety issues, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues. Piper said adults can also heal through play and also uses CBT, DBT, EMDR and art therapy. She enjoys play herself and believes “Playing keeps us young.”

Piper taught Psychology at a branch of Spokane Community College when it was located in Gladish. She really enjoyed teaching and was looking for more opportunities to do so. To fill that desire, she began offering workshops, seminars and classes. Last summer she offered classes on self-care for women. Piper recently completed a training in Colorado with Dr.  Estes, who wrote the book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, and is creating a new class for women based on that training. A friend, who also works in Gladdish, shares her classroom with Piper, which gives Piper a larger space to hold classes in.

When Piper is not working, she enjoys playing with her cats and dog, swimming, writing poetry, doing yoga and practicing Reiki  She also enjoys traveling when she has the opportunity. 

To learn more about Piper’s classes or to schedule an appointment, call/text 509-270-5460 or write to her at


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