Little Pink House to Host FEAST Exhibition

By Robin Ohlgren, Community Member

Little Pink House Gallery will present the final show of 2017 on November 4 and 5 with FEAST, an exhibition featuring regional and nationally recognized artists. Little Pink House Gallery is located at 157 North Elm Street in Genesee. Look for pink house signs on the routes into town. Exhibition hours are 10 am – 5 pm on both days.

Molly Rizzuto, culinary artist and owner of Goose House Bakery in Moscow, came to Idaho in 2015 from Portland, Oregon, and will exhibit baked goods in FEAST. She appreciates the contemplative and serene experience that Little Pink House Gallery presents, but that it is also a playful encounter.

“I was thrilled to come across Little Pink House Gallery's shows,” says Rizzuto. “In that space, I felt like I was on vacation — another place entirely. And this time with FEAST, I'm anticipating a hint of drama on top of that.”

Rizzuto tells of her work, “By nature, my work is about exploiting decadence:  the richer, the lusher, the darker, the spicier, the better. That's what I hope to bring to the table (so to speak) for FEAST.”

In addition to Rizzuto’s creations, FEAST will include the ceramics of Ann Christenson, David Herbold, and Marilyn Lysohir; the paintings of Dana Aldis, Aaron Johnson, Brian Sostrom, and Ellen Vieth; printmaking by Mare Blocker; the mixed media works of Ray Esparsen, Jennifer Holland, and Lauren McCleary; woodworking by Len Zeoli; beadwork by Patricia Cassidy; outdoor sculpture by Stacy Isenbarger; and, photography by Erica Wagner.

“This show is a visual feast and an abundant and joyful exhibition to celebrate beauty,” says Ellen Vieth, owner and curator of Little Pink House Gallery. “The key to life is imagination, and if you are capable of that, you can make a feast of straw.”

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Little Pink House Gallery is a bright pink spot in rural Idaho celebrating contemporary art, local food systems, flowers, and sustainable collaborative events.