Staff Profile: Skylar

Originally from a small Louisiana town, Skylar moved to Moscow about a year ago from Washington, D.C. where she graduated from American University. She attends the University of Idaho now, pursuing her master's degree in art history, lives with her sister (also a Vandal who studies athletic training) and works as a cashier at the Moscow Food Co-op.

Her art history master's degree thesis focuses on Lavinia Fontana, a female artist during the time of the Counter Reformation (also known as the Catholic Reformation or Catholic Revival). Counter Reformation, the Vatican's response to the Protestant Reformation, was a fascinating 25-year-period where the Catholic church turned the focus of church-commissioned art away from the artist and focused it instead on the original dual purposes of worship and teaching. For a mostly illiterate population during the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the visual power of church-commissioned art told the story and supported the message of the Roman Catholic church.

Skylar is done with her course work and now, in her second year, is working on completing the writing of her thesis. She's busy with school and work, but still finds time to explore Moscow. She enjoys downtown, the Farmer's Market and recently discovered the UI Arboretum.

She has worked at the Co-op since August of this year. She loves getting to know the community through her position as a cashier. It reminds her of some of her favorite aspects of growing up in a small Louisiana town, where everyone knows each other, and co-workers and customers feel like a little family; people are always in a good mood and staff are well-suited for their positions. She feels good after a day of working at the Co-op, knowing that her role supports local farmers and healthy, local food options for consumers.

Her favorite way to spend a day would be to get lost in an art museum, being surprised by new discoveries around every corner.

Her favorite Co-op food:

Gluten free mac n' cheese

Advice she would give to her 13-year-old self:

“Keep on keepin' on.” Although her younger self pursued her interests, she would affirm that her younger self was on the right path to discover, learn and experience great things. Life has a way of working out. Her younger self shouldn't spend any time being scared, just revaluate as needed.

Favorite book:

The Awakening by Kate Chopin. The themes of female independence really resonated with her and she has been reading this book every year since she was 16 years old. Now ten years later, her copy is well loved, much highlighted and probably needs to be replaced – donations of a new copy accepted. (*Note: The novel is set in Grand Isle, Louisiana, where Skylar spent time every summer with her friend and her friend's family.)

One thing she cannot resist: Conversations. Sharing stories. She blames her Cajun French roots, and evenings in Louisiana sitting on her porch with family and friends, entertaining themselves with stories, for this love.

Superpower: Teleportation. She would love to visit a new place whenever she wanted.

Three traits that define Skylar: 1. Loyalty; 2. Friendliness; 3. Positivity.