Art at the Co-op

December brings us once again the exuberant and wonderful art of Molly Klingler. There will be an opening in her honor on Friday, December 8 from 5 – 6:30 pm.

Now 13 years of age, Molly has had occasional art shows at the Co-op since a very young age. She first drew on herself and others with markers, and progressed to increasingly complex pieces. Molly's art stands in its own right now. She has a great sense of line and depth and definitely has an artist's eye and hand.

She writes of her art, “I like to make art with a message behind it. I would hope my art could inspire people to look further into the topic, or at least educate them around it. I am in a phase of fantasy creatures right now, so I enjoy drawing those. I think I can draw humans and animals well. When I am not drawing those I am either drawing random swirls or one of my mom's crazy dreams!”

Molly is involved with her life at school, Palouse Prairie Charter School. At home she enjoys her pets: two cats and two rats who somehow get on well together. In summer she loves to go to the lake.

Come and meet Molly on Friday December 8. You will be impressed by this young woman and her art. The show will stay up through January.