Co-op Business Partner Profile: The Feel Good Business


Jill Lawrence started The Feel Good Business nine years ago.  When she was finishing college, she knew there was something called “the healing arts” and she had a definite pull towards that.  She chose massage therapy as her avenue to explore those healing arts.  Jill’s therapy room is a very cheerful place with natural light, pretty mural wallpaper with birds and flowers, and a healing altar with nature items like stones, shells and feathers.

Jill came from Idaho Falls to attend the University of Idaho, where she earned a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing.  After graduation, she enrolled in the Moscow School of Massage, then opened her own business and has enjoyed working in Moscow ever since.  She also met her husband in Moscow. They now live in Potlatch, which she finds to be a very peaceful place.

Jill offers a variety of treatments.  In addition to massage therapy, she also offers Polarity Therapy, Reiki, spa treatments including herbal pedi-care (treatment for feet, not for nails), foot soaks with tea which includes a 20 minute soak with essential oils while enjoying hot tea, Eco-Fin for hands and feet, and spa facials. 

The healing art Jill is most passionate about is Polarity Therapy. This therapy is a deeply relaxing type of body work using rocking for relaxing the muscles.  She says, “It brings you into the present moment so you can step back from the mind.”  This therapy also includes breath work, a big part of the relaxing element.  Jill said once clients are brought to sensation based awareness they are able to apply what they have learned at home also.

Jill also writes a blog where she now has over 300 posts focusing on “the feel good idea of the day.”  It includes beautiful photos and brief positive words. She created the blog, which offers inspiration and healing, as a resource for the community.  It is resource for past, present and future clients and allows her customers to get to know her a little better.  The blog address is

When Jill is not helping people through her business, she enjoys going on walks, baking and reading.  She goes snow shoeing in the winter, which she finds to be a good workout and more accessible than having to head to the mountains for skiing.  Jill says, “I cherish being in nature and taking walks. I like to cook, and I have learned how to cook so much better since moving to the country five years ago, mostly because it isn't as convenient to go out to eat. I've found that I'm pretty good at baking!”

Jill offers Co-op members a 20% discount on their first service.  Just give her a call or mention you are a Co-op member when you come to receive therapy.  If you are looking for a caring Christmas gift – Jill also offers gift certificates. Learn more about Jill and her services at For some extra positive energy you can also read her Facebook page:


  • Through our Business Partner Program, Co-op owners receive a discount on locally owned businesses that partner with the Co-op, and the Co-op promotes our locally owned partners.
  • The Feel Good Business offers Co-op members 20% off their first session.
  • The Feel Good Business can be contacted at 208-596-5380 or
  • For more information about the Co-op's Business Partner Program, please ask for a brochure and/or an application at the Customer Service Desk.