December Dime In Time Recipient: Radio Free Moscow – KRFP 90.3 FM

By Maree McHugh, KRFP Board of Directors

When you tune your radio dial to Radio Free Moscow – KRFP 90.3 FM you get to hear voices of friends and people you know, programming that brings you progressive news and commentary and great music.

KRFP listeners are curious and involved.  Listeners tune in to know what is going on in our world, and to hear music and views not heard on main stream outlets.  The issues broadcast on KRFP affect and interest us personally, locally and globally. KRFP broadcasts daily-scheduled programs that are selected to inform and promote critical thinking for the listener. Want to know what’s going on?  Tune in.  KRFP has music programs both syndicated and locally produced to entertain; our DJ’s and music artists are not typically heard on mainstream media.

Be informed.

Get funky.

Know what the issues are.

Listen to new music.

Find out what’s happening in the community.

Become a volunteer and learn radio broadcasting skills.

KRFP is the Palouse Region’s only listener-supported community radio station. KRFP, a volunteer-based non-profit organization has been broadcasting since 2004. KRFP’s staff is a mix of fun-loving, noisy, involved and engaged people who show up at the microphone in the Radio Free Moscow studio.  We creatively integrate minds, hearts and vocal cords, to bring what you can’t find on any other radio frequency on the Palouse. Tune in, check it out.  KRFP has mentored hundreds of volunteer DJ’s and citizen journalists to learn radio broadcasting and production, news writing and journalism skills.  

What is progressive media, and why is it important?  Progressive media is unfiltered, dig-for-the-truth journalism, ‘close to the bone’ news and views.  The issues are those that matter to those of us who are discerning and concerned about current social and political issues with a focus on environmental and social justice. KRFP has two daily news programs Monday through Friday, Morning Mix and Evening Report, that inform about what’s happening on the Palouse.  These news programs include local, regional, national and international news, and are hosted by local Palouse citizens. KRFP broadcasts a diversity of commentary programs.  Check out the program guide at

Radio Free Moscow appreciates being the Dime in Time non-profit for December 2017.  Every dime received keeps the spirit and voice of community radio alive on the Palouse.

Thank you.