Staff Profile: Dominic Durdan

The day I interviewed Dominic, it was his birthday. Full of stories and good humor, Dominic grabbed his cup of coffee and told me about himself and his relatively new position at the Co-op.

He's "kind of good at everything. I can change the tires on your car and code your website." A self-proclaimed computer nerd, he has a broad interest in technology, but also experience in mechanics and home repair and renovation. If he were to continue his education, he wouldn't go back to a four-year college, but would tackle trade school to become a machinist.

Dominic moved to Moscow three years ago from Burnsville, Minnesota, a city in the Minneapolis metro area. Moscow has a much more reasonable cost of living and the Palouse reminds him of Minot, North Dakota, where he was born and raised.

Working at the Moscow Food Co-op since September, he receives deliveries and stocks the shelves. He takes in freight then moves it to the floor. Dominic calls his position the "ultimate crossfit" workout – he gets paid to throw around 25-50 pound bags of product throughout his day, so never has to go to the gym.

His favorite Co-op food(s):

1. pecan bars and any gluten-free cookie ("You would never tell they were gluten free!")

Advice He Would Give to His 13-Year-Old Self:

"Forget about attending college, enroll in a trade school, straighten up, enjoy life. Have realistic expectations of relationships, relationships with people and money. Don't worry about things that are out of your control." (All this said with the understanding that Dominic's 13-year-old self likely would not listen.)

Favorite book(s):

1. Neuromancer by William Gibson. A science fiction, cyberpunk classic written in 1984. Yes, there's a movie, but the book is better.

2. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. A 1953 dystopian classic.

Favorite movie:

“North by Northwest”. A 1959 Hitchcock thriller starring Cary Grant. ("The first hour is slow, but then it really takes off.")

Favorite TV show:

“Grand Tour”, an Amazon original that is a spin-off of Britain's Top Gear – a global adventure featuring lots of cars.

One thing he cannot resist:

1. Any kind of pizza

2. Cheap gizmo tech toys

3. Thrift store