Community News

Wow, 2018 is really here! Welcome to another year and lots of fun things in store in the co-op community. We are starting out the year with a question about New Years Traditions, you can read all about them over in What's the Buzz?

Looking to try some new products, see what the Co-op staff recommends in Staff Picks.  You may want to join the Good Food Book Club and start the year off with a healthful approach, see what's slated for this month's read.

This month's Environmental Updates are full of information, including a reminder of upcoming Co-op improvements & construction, check out the shorts for all of the details.

We are thankful for you, our Community News readers & store patrons.

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Be sure to check out our online Community Calendar for events and programs at the store and in the broader community. Hard copies of the newsletter are available at the bulletin board in the front of the store - for a PDF of this month's Community News, click here!

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