Palouse Area Environmental Update Shorts

Co-op Construction and Remodeling

You may have noticed already the new hickory plank wall treatment at the front of the store. More construction can be expected in the store from January through March to create an easier and more pleasant shopping experience as well as to make the store more environmentally efficient. Refrigeration coolers, some more than 20 years old, will be replaced, resulting in more efficient refrigeration and lighting. New 100 percent LED (light-emitting diode) lighting will be installed, as will be new checkout lanes with conveyor belts. Regular updates on the construction and remodeling should be posted on the Moscow Food Co-op website.

2017 Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild Videos Online

  • Eighteen new videos of selected workshops presented at the 2017 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence in Hot Springs, Montana, in September, 2017 can be found at These videos were captured and produced by Joe Clark, author of How To Farm and Garden.
  • 01: Keynote Talk by Kareen Erbe    
  • 02: Introduction to Permaculture     
  • 03: Silvopastures for Ecological Restoration    
  • 04: Managing Natural Risk: Creating Greater Site Resilience to Climate Change, Drought and Wildfire    
  • 05: Managing Habitat for Beneficial Insects    
  • 06: Growing Medicinal Herbs with Michael Pilarski    
  • 07: Stan's Simple Steps to Successful Composting     
  • 08: Do it Yourself Natural Building    
  • 09: Raising Chickens Workshop    
  • 10: Beacon Food Forest, Earth Care by Design Collaborators    
  • 11: Alternative Fuel Using Plastic    
  • 12: Raising Hogs by David Max    
  • 13: Living in our Ecosystem    
  • 14: Water Strategies Using Permaculture Principles    
  • 15: Reservation Greenhouse Restoration Workshop    
  • 16: Followup of On Site Greenhouse Restoration Project    
  • 17: Fungi in Permaculture    
  • 18: Greenhouse Workshop with Jerome Osentowski     

Workshop 05: Managing Habitat for Beneficial Insects – Mariah Cornwoman – Beneficials are way more than just ladybugs. There are more than just insects that play an important role in a healthy ecosystem. Learn about both the macro and micro organisms and how we can provide a biodiverse environment in which they can thrive.

January events

January 16: Moscow Sustainable Environment Commission meeting. 7:15 p.m. Moscow Mayor’s meeting room, City Hall

January 18: Idaho Native Plant Society, White Pine Chapter, Pam Brunsfeld, Desert Blooms, 7 p.m., 1912 Center