Business Partner Profile: BY DESIGN—Live & Nourish by Design!

Vicki Cockrell of BY DESIGN – Live and Nourish by Design! is well trained in many fields.  She is a Life Coach, a Home Harmony Consultant & a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. 

Vicki is a Certified Practitoner in Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), an approach to personal development which helps people become peak performers.  She notes all behaviors have a positive intention.  NLP does not label choices as bad, but recognizes sometimes choices have bad results.  Vicki helps her clients look at the core of what they are trying to achieve, and helps them come up with better strategies to get there.  She has become really good at tracking patterns.  Her intention is “I don’t have the answers, but I will help the person get to the answers they already have in them.” 

Vicki is also certified in Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy.  She said this practice explores the fact that everything we’ve experienced in our lives shows up in our habits – how we carry ourselves.  Through this kind of therapy Vicki is able to be a loving presence and mirror back to people what they are sharing with the world.  This leads them to find what they need to know.

Vicki’s other expertise is as a Certified Eating Psychology Coach.  She will partner with you to explore all aspects of how we nourish ourselves, body, mind and soul.  Her approach is to work with an emphasis on accessing body wisdom to supplement and complement nutritional strategies, to create long lasting healing and transformation.  She works with allergies and digestive issues, body image, energy and fatigue, immunity, stress management, and weight loss.

Vicki provides a safe place to be and is an excellent listener. She encourages looking more to the future than back at the past and says personal growth does not have to be weighty; it can be good to laugh at yourself too! Vicki said, “If there is anything you want more of or less of in your life, I can help you achieve that for yourself.  A lot of what is important about what I do, is the sense of unlimited possibilities.” 

Vicki has been involved in mind-body wellness services since 1998, but she also has a BS in Interior Design from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Frostburg State University.  She had an interior design business for 14 years, and she teaches at the Leadership Institute at Lewis-Clark State College.  She moved to Moscow when her husband was offered a job at Gritman Memorial Hospital.

Being qualified in so many areas gives Vicki a lot of range in what she can do.  Using her training in interior design and feng shui, Vicki does on-site visits and helps people arrange their homes to create “an environment to support whatever life goals you are working on.”  I visited Vicki at her home, where her office is also located.  There is a peace and comfort in the design of her space that is very calming.

Vicki’s next class is LET YOUR BODY SPEAK—a Journey in Nourishment & Shape Shifting, an 8 week group series, offered Tuesday, starting March 21st.


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