Co-op Business Partner Profile: Spectrum II Art and Dance Studio

Shelly Werner has owned and operated the Spectrum II Art and Dance Studio since 1995.  The first year of operation, there were three women owners.  The other two left to pursue other interests. Shelly then became the sole proprietor.

I arrived at Spectrum II Art and Dance Studio as Tim Malm was finishing a dance session.  Tim has been a student since he was 5 or 6 years old, and is now a senior in high school.  As a first grader, Tim was teased for being a dancer and nearly quit, but his parents and Shelly encouraged him and he continued on.  Now Tim is an excellent dancer, has performed at various venues, and teaches tap and hip-hop classes at Spectrum II Studio.  Last year Tim participated in the ELI program at Moscow High School researching tap and dance choreography.  Tim generously demonstrated the tap dance he is creating for this year’s Drummers, Dancers, and Dreamers show and it was delightful.

Spectrum II Art and Dance Studio offers many different classes including tap, ballet, hip hop, creative dance, Irish step dance, jazz, salsa, contemporary, belly dance and ecstatic dance moving meditation.  Shelly employs several teachers.  At the conclusion of each series of dance classes, all students are invited to perform during a week of showcases, followed by a reception.  This gives students the joy of performing for an audience and offers closure as a loved dance session ends.

Shelly also loves art and teaches art classes on Sundays with designated themes.  The last theme was Alice in Wonderland; the current theme is mathematics.  I saw some wonderful artwork incorporating numbers, patterns, perspective, etc.  Classes are open to all ages.

Shelly knew she wanted to be a dance teacher from the time she was four or five years old.  Her first experience was teaching neighborhood kids, and her first choreography, at seven or eight years old, was set to Moon River and performed in a talent show.  She started stretching as a “little bitty kid”, something natural to dancers, and she did gymnastics.  When she was eight or nine years old she won 3rd place in the Junior Olympics.

Shelly attended Boise State University and the University of Idaho, earning a BA in Dance.  She loves learning and has over 200 credit hours.  She could easily get a degree in Theater and in Art, and is just shy of earning a graduate degree in Dance Pedagogy.  People call her a “Renaissance woman.”   She has taught dance in various places including BSU, the UI, multiple local schools, and has performed with the Benting Dance Company – a recipient of the Governor’s Award in Excellence. Shelly has taught ages 16 months to 98, plus students with special needs and disabilities. She did dance research as an undergrad, including reviewing numerous videos of U of I dance instructors to see how they related to their students.  She found teachers would sometimes be very general in their comments and from that, learned to give direct specific feedback to the students she now teaches. 

Shelly offers private lessons and also gives scholarships and works with people on a budget.  To learn more about Spectrum II Art and Dance Studio see their webpage at


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