Company Profile: Veriditas Botanicals

A combination of Latin words for “green” and “truth”, Veriditas refers to the healing power of plants.  The company’s founder, Melissa Farris, established the first line of certified organic essential oils in the United States.  About thirty rosebuds are needed to create just one drop of rose oil suggesting the importance of using organic in such a concentrated product – for both the health of the consumer and the land.  Unlike most of the essential oils on the market, Veriditas Botanicals are free from chemical enhancers and preservatives.  They use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils, shipped directly from organic farmers and distillers, as opposed to dealing with essential oil brokers. That is an important decision since it is at the broker level that some essential oils are adulterated with preservatives and enhancers.  This also cuts out the cost of the middleman. 

Veriditas believes in supporting small organic farms to promote healing of our bodies, the earth, and local economies. They are a member of a Co-op of organic farmers in Provence, France. Over 65% of their oils come from that Co-op and the remainder are sourced directly from organic farmers and distillers.

If you’ve always been curious about how to use essential oils, the Veriditas website has a few suggestions. You can create all natural fragrances said to enhance your own pheromones. They provide directions for both a “Hunter” and a “Gatherer” scent blend.   They also offer a recipe to create a delightful sounding Whipped Coconut and Rose Face and Body Butter. 

The Moscow Food Co-op offers Veriditas Botanical Essential Oils, Wellness Blends and Hydrosols (the water extracted from the plants when the oil is collected).  It is a great time to try them out or to stock up on your favorites since they are on sale for 20% off at the Co-op during the first two weeks of March.     

Veriditas Botanicals is dedicated to supporting organic farmers, focusing on consumer education regarding medical aromatherapy, and to utilizing a scientific approach to essential oils and their application.

Veriditas Botanicals Snapshot

  •  Founded in 2002
  • Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota
  • USDA and ECOCERT Certified Organic
  • Co-op Trade Movement Participant

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Amy Newsome recently had a friend use lavender essential oil in a unique way – spraying a dilution on a service- dog-in-training to help calm both the puppy and the people who would be petting him.