A Dime in Time: The Palouse Land Trust

By Jaime Jovanovich-Walker, Palouse Land Trust Community Outreach Coordinator

Formed in 1995, the Palouse Land Trust grew out of an appreciation for our landscape and the role it plays in making our communities vibrant places to live. Our mission is to conserve the open space, agricultural heritage and history, scenery, wildlife habitat, native Palouse Prairie, and recreational opportunities of the Palouse region for current and future generations.

The Land Trust was founded on the belief that individuals can make a difference and have a positive lasting impact on our landscape and community. Many of our special places in the region are privately-owned by local families, and they come to the Land Trust for help protecting them. They understand that big things happen when the smaller pieces add up and that we all do our part. By working with these families to create win-win conservation projects, the Land Trust is strengthening our community and creating the world that we want.

One of these special places is Idler’s Rest Nature Preserve, nestled at the base of Moscow Mountain. Worried about the possibility of development, community members worked with the Nature Conservancy to purchase the 35-acre property and turned it into a nature preserve in 1966. In 2004, the Nature Conservancy turned the preserve over to the Land Trust, and we have been caring for this hidden gem ever since. For over a century, the land Idler’s Rest encompasses has been a beloved community recreational site where Scout troops, families, nature lovers, and students have gathered to enjoy, explore, and care for this special place.

As part of a larger, overall accessibility and amenity improvement project, the Dime in Time funds will support community programming needs at the preserve, necessary trail and habitat maintenance, and an overhaul of our existing trail guide. Your support will help us share the history, habitat, and magic of the preserve with nature lovers of all ages and throughout our community. We can’t thank you enough for helping to bring the joy and value of nature to more people.

We’d love to include you in all the happenings at the preserve, and with the Land Trust. Please learn more about our work at www.palouselandtrust.org and sign up for our monthly E-news. If you’re on social media, follow us on Facebook (Palouse Land Trust & Idler’s Rest Nature Preserve), Twitter (@PalouseLT), and Instagram (@PalouseLT) for all of the latest news, updates, and photos.