Staff Profile: Sasha Wong

Sasha Wong says she’s shy, that it takes her a little bit to not appear standoffish with new people, but I don’t think I believe her. She was immediately engaging, very warm and really funny. She had me laughing soon after we sat down. And, I’ve found this out about myself over the past few years: I enjoy listening to people speak enthusiastically about food they like to eat. I find the sincerity endearing, the simple joy of it refreshing, the details that people choose to focus on, a little fascinating. Sasha has this gift—I’m pretty sure she’s a foodie.

Based on her animated description on why she loves the Honey Mama’s Oregon Peppermint Cacao-Nectar Bar, I kept thinking two things: 1. I definitely need to leave the store with one or two Peppermint Bars and 2. Why hasn’t Sasha been hired by Honey Mama’s to give a testimonial? “The rich coconut with the refreshing peppermint is the perfect blend of flavor and texture…” See?! She’s good.

I had asked her to list her favorite Co-op snacks. Her list sounds inspiring; I might need to make a day of it. 1. Chocolate Brioche Bread: “It’s just beautiful. It just works. And it makes a really great French toast.” 2. Honey Mama’s Peppermint Bar (see above). 3. Sandwich Bar: “The perfect ‘go-to.” 4. Caprese Salad: “The real draw is the mozzarella balls.” 5. Swedish meatballs: “Delicious.”

Originally from Boise, Sasha and her boyfriend moved to Moscow to attend the University of Idaho. They met in their high school biology class and have been together since. Now nine years later, they’ve graduated from UI and are working and enjoying the Moscow community.

Sasha started as a grocery stocker in October of 2015. She is now the grocery buyer—responsible for special orders and orders from United Natural Foods, Inc., the Co-op’s main supplier. She enjoys her position and the relationships she has built with both colleagues and customers. She says there is a “community feel” that is hard not to love. And, of course, the good food…

She is currently crocheting little creatures and figures to be used as pincushions, called “amigurumi” in Japan. She also enjoys fair weather hiking, cooking anything especially if it’s spicy, and watching Netflix.

She has traveled to China where she visited the Great Wall and her mom’s hometown. She has visited six states and one of her travel goals is to visit all of the United States National Forests, specifically the Redwoods.


  • Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Next Book She’ll Read: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  • Favorite Movie: Easter Parade, a musical starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
  • Favorite TV Series: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Personal Goal: Learn to swim
  • Pets? Yes, two kittens—Cricket and Cheddar (calico sisters)
  • Superpower: Telekenisis