Art at the Co-op

We are very happy to welcome 'Wisescape' back to the Co-op, with a display of photographs of nominations for the program's top honors. There will be an opening for the exhibit between 5 and 6:30 pm on Friday May 12, when you can meet Nichole Baker, City of Moscow Water Conversation Program Coordinator, and have the opportunity to ask her questions about the program, the photographs and how you too can save resources in your landscaping, be it big or small. The exhibit will stay up through Wednesday June 14.

You can also find out more about the very successful program offered by the city in which one can apply for up to $150 in rebates towards the transformation of lawn to Wisescape quality landscape.

Wisescape has been running for quite a few years now. It was initiated to recognise those individuals, businesses, public buildings and indeed anyone who has set a great example of aesthetics and resource conservation.

Judgements are made in the following categories:

1) Design. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Does it limit traditional turf? Does it use efficient irrigation?

2) Reduction of resources. Does it save water? Does it require less mowing? Is there a reduction of yard waste? Is there a reduced use of labor, pesticides and fertiliser use?

3) Soil. Are soil enhancements, such as compost and mulches used?

4) Plant selection. Are the plants suitably selected and placed within the landscape?

Nominees must be Moscow water customers, must follow Moscow water ordinances and resolutions, and may be self-nominated or nominated by someone else.

If you are interested in landscaping with a conscience, as so many of us are, there is a chance to learn more in a free event to be held at our beloved 1912 building (412 East Third Street in Moscow) on Thursday April 20 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, titled 'Pollinators, Plants, Wisescape'. There will be guest speakers including Richard S. Zack, PhD, Timothy Hatten PhD, and Debbie Kadlec. There will also be a raffle with, I am sure, great prizes.

Consider attending this event, and for sure come down to the Co-op on Friday May 12, meet Nichole Baker, and see the photographs of our friends and neighbors' fantastic attempts at 'wisescaping'.