Art at the Co-op

April will bring the wonderful art of Carolyn Doe to the Co-op. Carolyn has shown her art here quite a few times over the years, and it is always fascinating to see her newest creations. Her show will open on Friday, April 14, with an official opening from 5:30 - 7 p.m., though she will be at the Co-op most of that day, displaying and selling prints, cards, and silk scarves in addition to her original pieces. The show will continue through Wednesday, May 10.

Carolyn is a self-taught artist, led by curiosity and her own passion and pleasure in the creative process. Raised by a seamstress, she has always been excited about fiber art, and learned the process of batik over 25 years ago. She explains, “Batik has become my voice. When dye touches silk fabric, it spreads like crazy. The wax creates a boundary. This dance of control/no control captivates me for hours.”

About two years ago, Carolyn took a class on palette knife painting in oils, which results in works thick in texture with vibrant colors. These works are wonderfully pleasing to the eye.

Carolyn takes her inspiration mostly from the natural landscapes around her, wherever she happens to be, whether traveling, working, or residing in a particular location. She has traveled and stayed in places as far afield as Antarctica (where she loves the light), and Alaska, and many places in between.

After hours spent observing, Carolyn will go back indoors and start creating. She tells how she “loves the movement of birds and the stillness of trees,” and feels she has enough inspiration to last several lifetimes.

She currently has work in galleries and private collections all over the United States and in several other countries around the world, as well as the continent of Antarctica.

In addition to original pieces of art, Carolyn will have prints, cards and silk scarves available for sale throughout the day on Friday, April 14t, as well as at the opening itself.

Do come and meet Carolyn Doe and enjoy her art on Friday, April 14, and continue to enjoy the show through Wednesday, May 10.