Co-op Business Partner Profile: Mosaic land Design, LLC

Jonathan Smith, owner of Mosaic Land Design, LLC, is a licensed landscape architect in Idaho and Washington. He is involved in the landscape process from design through construction. Jonathan works on a wide variety of projects from beautifully designed home gardens to the landscaping of parking lots. Jonathan’s wife, Heather, is co-owner of the business and also has a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Idaho. Their family includes three boys, two girls, and two dogs.

Years ago, Jonathan was working as a high school/middle school teacher in Colorado when he decided to make a career change. He moved to Moscow and earned a degree in landscape architecture at UI. He was slated to start work with a landscape architecture firm in Boise after graduating, but the recession hit and the company had to reduce their workforce. Jonathan then considered starting his own business.

Fredrick Olmstead, who designed Central Park in New York, has been an inspiration for Jonathan. Interestingly enough, the master plan for the UI campus, including Hello Walk, was originally designed in 1908 by the Olmstead Brothers, sons of Frederick Olmstead.

Jonathan creates all of his outdoor designs from scratch. He first meets with the landowners to discuss their vision. He visits the site and analyzes the conditions, including the soil, the amount of sunshine, the climate, and other factors. After taking everything into consideration, he draws up a schematic design plan, offering a few options. Once the landowner approves the plans, Jonathan begins construction, including any demolition needed.

One of Jonathan’s passions is designing wisescaping, outdoor spaces which conserve water. He created the Moscow Water Department’s attractive wisescape garden. He purchases many of his plants from a nursery in Walla Walla, which is always producing new and different plants that he enjoys using. He says experimenting with new plants makes his work more interesting.

Jonathan enjoys getting to know people and synthesizing a space that is part of who they are. Jonathan said, “People love it.”

He described a recent project he is working on in northwest Moscow. The home is a custom 1980s-style house and he designed the landscaping designs to match the house and the neighboring houses around it. He also took into consideration the surrounding Palouse landscape. The resulting landscaping is attractive and compatible with its surroundings.

When the snow hits and there is less work in the area, Jonathan takes on various other jobs. Recently, he worked for an architect in Seattle doing plant and irrigation site plans, and he also did a lot of design for another landscape architect in Coeur d'Alene. He appreciates the opportunity to be creative and learn new things. Working in different places gives him the chance to ask questions, learn from other architects, and become more proficient in his profession.

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