Community News: Paradise Ridge Defense Coalition News

By David Hall, Vice President, Paradise Ridge Defense Coalition

**modified from PRDC Facebook page**

U.S. Highway 95 on Paradise Ridge is far from a "done deal"!

If you read the "Much Work on Moscow Roads..." article in the March 7 Moscow Pullman Daily News, it might seem as though Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) plans for the U.S. 95 E2 alignment high on Paradise Ridge are ready to roll ("Bids to be early November"). This is deceptive.

The Paradise Ridge Defense Coalition (PRDC) is litigating the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project, and ITD hasn't even applied yet for its "clean water permit," which is required before it can destroy wetlands on Paradise Ridge. (PRDC will challenge this permit when the time comes.) We will be submitting legal briefs, and the back-and-forth arguments are expected to go on for several months. With a delay sought by Department of Justice lawyers, federal Judge Winmill will not be in any position to make a decision until this summer at the earliest.

The Paradise Ridge Defense Coalition works to ensure and enhance the public safety, environmental integrity, and natural aesthetics of Paradise Ridge and its environs.