Co-op Business Partner Profile: Shady Grove Farm 

Ashley Fiedler has owned and operated Shady Grove Farm since 2000. Ashley’s business offers horseback riding, training, and boarding plus basic horse care practices such as hoof and veterinary care, feeding, grooming, and tack fitting. Her place is an idyllic property just outside of Troy, with large and small arenas, a round pen, a barn, and green pastures all around. 

Clients of all ages and abilities are welcome, from beginners who have never touched a horse to trainers looking to refine their skills. Ashley says, “Every day is different and rewarding.” Ashley herself takes lessons from other trainers to hone her own skills; she is always watching and learning.

Ashley takes a natural holistic approach, focusing on the horse and rider’s relationship with each other, and working to reduce fear and tension so the horse and rider can become partners. She says it’s a slower approach, but one that has more long lasting positive outcomes. She says, “A happy willing horse and a competent rider are always what we are looking for.” While I was visiting, a 16-year-old girl was working skillfully with a new horse. Ashley pointed out how confident the girl was, a positive outcome of this approach.

Ashley has successfully competed in Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing (a combination of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping), and Endurance Riding. She applies dressage principles, based on “softness and obedience through a strong relationship and sound biomechanics,” to all training. She believes love and respect for the horse must be the foundation for everything a person does with a horse.

Ashley has always loved horses. Multiple generations of people in her family rode, so she had good role models. She grew up in New Jersey and went to barns and rode as much as she could. One barn had Olympic riders and instructors coming in, so she was able to train with people competing at high levels of abilities.

Ashley came to Idaho via Colorado. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science at the University of Colorado. In 2000, her husband, Fritz, was offered a job at the University of Idaho teaching civil engineering. At the time, they were unable to find a place to rent in Moscow, so they opted to buy the Shady Grove Farm property. Along the way, they put in the arena and sheds and eventually had a daughter, Gretchen. They originally thought they would stay for a year or so. That was 17 years ago. Ashley earned her Masters in Sports Psychology from the University of Idaho. She incorporates sport psychology techniques such as goal setting, breathing, and positive self-talk into her lessons.

Ashley is a busy woman. She is a fellow Co-op newsletter writer, authoring the monthly “What’s the Buzz” column. She tends a large garden, orchards, bees, and chickens, and cans, freezes and dries her harvested produce. She also teaches therapeutic riding through the PATH (Palouse Area Therapeutic Horsemanship) program at Washington State University. PATH to Success works with children in sixth through eighth grade to help them build confidence and learn communication skills, healthy boundaries, and self control. Veterans are well also served by the PATH Warriors Journey program.

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