Dime In Time

Camp STIX is a unique, independent, community based organization which offers unparalleled summer camp experiences for children ages 6-18 who are living with type 1 diabetes in the Pacific Northwest.  Annually, we coordinate and support Camp STIX, a week long residential camp (ages 9-18) and Camp TWIGS, a 3 day, day-camp for campers aged 6-8.  Because of the chronic nature and constant 24/7 care associated with type 1 diabetes, traditional summer camps are often not a viable option for these children.   Aside from our summer camps, we offer year-round support and activities for the Camp STIX families and type 1 community.  

Camp STIX is based on four fundamentals for success: Support, Tradition, Information and X-citement. Camp offers everything you’d find at a traditional summer camp, plus a whole lot more.  Along with the games, activities, water sports, campfires, and arts and crafts, campers at Camp STIX receive optimum diabetes care from local physicians, health care providers, diabetes educators, counselors and dieticians.

Camp STIX campers are allowed the same opportunities as non-diabetic children in a summer camp setting, complete with the traditional summer camp activities, coupled with a highly trained medical, nutritional and educational staff.  Campers are educated to become healthier and more independent, encouraged to take more ownership of the management of their disease and are provided with necessary educational tools and resources to mentally and physically overcome the everyday challenges of having diabetes.  This translates exponentially to their everyday lives...at home, at school, and in their communities. 

Your contribution will help augment our current programming, allowing us to maintain our philosophy of diabetes education and independence, intertwine important life skills, and most importantly offset the cost ($900) of camp to those campers who cannot otherwise afford to attend.  We have NEVER turned a camper away because of an inability to pay the tuition.  Our camps are operated with a 100% volunteer staff with nearly a 1:1 ratio of campers to volunteers.  This volunteer team includes, but is not limited to;  72 medical staff members, 41 staff members in the kitchen, 92 program/support staff members and 15 board members.

Your donation WILL make a difference in the lives of over 300 diabetic children and youth, many of whom are living right here in your own community!   Please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause. 

Registration is currently open for both Camp STIX and Camp TWIGS.  Visit our website at www.campstix.org to learn more, and feel free to contact Cindy Schneider at 208.874.2044 or email campstix@campstix.org, with any questions or for more information.