Staff Picks

The first staff-person I spoke with this month was Bethany Kellerserger, who has been working at the Co-op as a Grocery Stocker since last August. For her staff pick this month, Bethany chose the Savor Tooth paleo brownies made by Hip Foods. Bethany chose this product because she loves the way they taste and thinks of them as the ultimate comfort food. She also has a number of dietary restrictions and has discovered that the ingredients in this product fit well with her diet. She says they are one of the few prepared products she can just buy that she doesn’t have to make at home; however, the Co-op does carry a mix for these that is handy for making a larger quantity if you are inclined to share with friends. Bethany is also happy to support a semi-local P6 company (a company that meets the criteria for the sixth cooperative principle, shared by our Co-op and other co-ops: “cooperation among cooperatives”).

Hip Foods is a designated gluten-free facility located in Kellogg, Idaho. According to their website (, they intentionally located their company in that small community to bring jobs to the economically depressed Silver Valley. The company was born out of a desire by its founder, Cyfrin Barefoot Miner, to find “pre-meal-friendly” paleo foods without grains, gluten, or added soy. While she was able to find a limited number of products that met that criteria, none was particularly appealing to her palate. So she set out to create paleo foods that are both nutritious and delicious. 

The “Savor Tooth Paleo Bohemian Brownies” consist of organic coconut sugar, organic pumpkin seed flour, organic cocoa powder, organic coconut oil, walnuts, vanilla, eggs, xanthan gum, and Celtic Salt. These gluten-free low-glycemic treats are rich, moist, and an absolutely delicious snack to try when you want to satisfy that sweet tooth without the guilt. 

The second staff-person I spoke with this month was Emily Akin. She has worked at the Co-op as a Deli Server for two months, and her staff pick this month is the Wyder’s Prickly Pineapple hard cider. Emily chose this product because she thinks it is a fun twist on a hard cider. She says that it is very refreshing, versatile, and that the pineapple and prickly pear flavors are a brilliant combination. Emily says that this would be a good cold beverage choice on a warm day, or an excellent alternative to beer if you are gluten-free.

This company got its start out of Vancouver, British Columbia, in the early 1990s. Wyder’s was one of the first ciders to rise in popularity as part of the craft movement in the Pacific Northwest. Wyder’s has continued steady growth through the years, and their product line now also includes Raspberry, Reposado, and Pear flavors. The company was purchased in 2008 by Vermont Hard Cider Company and is now made in Vermont, but its popularity is still greatest on the west coast. The 5 percent ABV Prickly Pineapple Cider combines the juices from both prickly pear cacti and pineapples, and some find its taste reminiscent of a pina colada. This summer consider giving this interesting hard cider a try.

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