Art at the Co-op

As Artwalk continues, I hope you have been enjoying the art of Jasan Lagrimanta and Dale Young's amazing sculpture. The sculpture will continue to be recognized through September (Look for it just outside the west entrance of the Co-op) while on Friday, July 28 the art wall will be celebrating our local artist Joe Brunelli.

Joe Brunelli describes how, as a child, he was always artistic. He went to the University of Wyoming to study for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. However, having attained this degree, he changed paths to study genetics. He viewed genetics as “the living mirror image of my efforts to paint the perception of unity, but that the genetic portrait portrayed the unity and creativity of life more clearly.” He eventually earned a Ph.D. in genetics and cell biology at Washington State University and went on to work as a research scientist for a few decades.  He is now retired from his work as a geneticist but, as he says, “not as a creative human being.” He enjoys creating art “because of the process of attempting to render a concept into a palpable vision.”

I feel sure you will enjoy seeing his art. Meet the artist on Friday, July 28 between 5 pm and 6:30 pm. The show will continue through Wednesday, September 6.