July Community News

Summer is finally, officially, here and July is ushering in the heat!  Our fabulous Community News contributors have put together a great collections of articles this month.  Don't miss this month's business partner feature about Little Green Guest House and the featured products from our Staff picks section, its always fun to know what the staff is enjoying!

The Five Spot features ways to take care of your pup in the heat (and have some fun together too) and for a tasty summer treat check out the Vegan Truffle recipe in Burning Down the House. If you have ever been curious what the Co-Op Board does on their bi-annual retreat, then you are in luck this month with the Board Report! 

If you need a good summer read, consider joining the Good Food Book Club for their monthly selection and don't forget to mark you calendars for the Co-Op Kid activities in July!

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Be sure to check out our online Community Calendar for events and programs at the store and in the broader community. Hard copies of the newsletter are available at the bulletin board in the front of the store. 

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