Staff Picks

The first staff-person I spoke with this month was Josh Edwards, who has been working at the Co-op as a Produce Stocker since last November. Although he is relatively new to the Co-op, Josh says that he and his family are big fans of the Co-op, and at one point, his wife and brother were also working here. For his staff pick this month, Josh chose the Victory Farm plant starts. Josh says that he lives in an apartment, but has decided to cultivate a little container garden on his porch this year. Since he has such limited space, buying starts instead of seed was a logical choice for him. He says that so far his little garden is doing really well, and having some greenery has really spruced up his space.

To find out a little more about Victory Farm, I spoke with farm co-owner Keegan Athey. Keegan told me that Victory Farm came about towards the end of last summer when she and Adam Reed combined River City Farm and Moscow Urban Farm. Their farm is located on Foothill Road in Moscow. They currently have 2 ½ acres in production, and own 30 acres. The farm is Certified Naturally Grown and they have a 65 member CSA that serves the communities of Lewiston, Clarkston, Moscow, and Pullman.

Keegan told me that she and Adam are really enjoying working together. She feels they each have a different skill set, and they complement each other well. Working together has helped them to create a more social and fulfilling work environment, and has helped each of them to achieve a more balanced life. Currently Victory Farm is the only local farm that is selling live micro-greens (also available at the Co-op) and they are the only farm providing a CSA share to the LC Valley. She said that basically they are growing veggies and having fun.

The second staff-person I spoke with this month was Rachael Guenthner. She has worked at the Co-op for two years, most recently as the Grocery Buyer. Her staff pick this month is the Co-op’s own caramel rolls that are baked in the bakery. Rachael chose this product because she says they are ooey, gooey, and delicious. She recommends eating them warm. She also mentioned that she happens to know that they are made by some really wonderful people.

To find out more about these caramel rolls, I spoke with the baker who is often responsible for baking these treats. She told me that the Co-op has only been making the caramel and caramel pecan rolls for the past six to eight months. She said the recipe came from Anna, the Bakery Manager, and this yummy treat is only available on Saturday mornings. The caramel rolls have been rapidly gaining in popularity. When the Co-op initially started making them, they made around four dozen, but demand is now requiring that they make eight dozen to satisfy the Saturday morning breakfast crowd.