Staff Profile: Anna Breed

AnnaB (1).jpg

“Baking is my element. I’m not good at a lot of things, but I can naturally flow in the kitchen while baking—the timing, ingredients—it makes sense.” In 2014, Anna Breed started in the Moscow Co-op Bakery as an entry-level Baker and, since February of this year, has been the Bakery Manager. “I love the atmosphere at the Co-op. There’s freedom to be creative, to be who you are. It’s open and accepting, very community oriented. I grew up in Moscow and have always appreciated how the Co-op supports and involves the community,” she says.

Anna was born at Gritman Medical Center in Moscow. Her mom, dad, and older sister work at Gritman. Anna’s intention is to go to nursing school, possibly following in her mom’s footsteps as a labor and delivery nurse, or possibly as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). She grew up with childbirth magazines lying around the house and thought that was completely normal. It still feels normal, like a solid future potential career path.

Anna is a self-admitted foodie who doesn’t like to be pressed for her favorite foods because it’s just too difficult to choose. Despite her confession, I pressed. My curiosity can’t be denied, especially when talking to a fellow foodie—they just have the best recommendations! Anna graciously humored me, saying that her current favorite Co-op food is the caramel rolls—good and good-looking. In fact, they are her own creation! Anna held an apprentice-like role at Wheatberries Bakery prior to coming to the Co-op bakery, so, with her vast experience with baked goods, I took her very seriously, leaving the Co-op with a caramel roll, immensely satisfied with my decision.

Anna says that her hands are too small for guitar, so she plays the ukulele instead. She’s self-taught and has been playing for about eight years. The instrument’s four strings are manageable. She also loves hanging out with her sisters, beating her family members at cards, and relaxing on her new couch. While she calls herself “a professional couch sitter,” she and her sister are embarking on a nine-day Caribbean cruise this fall. Always nice to have a fun adventure to look forward to when Moscow turns cold!

And although I’m sure her cruise will be filled with discovery and relaxation, Anna’s favorite place to be is the Oregon Coast. She and her family vacationed on the coast a lot when she was growing up, specifically in the Tillamook, Lincoln, Newport area. Not sure if visits to Tillamook played a role in this, but one thing she can’t resist is cheese, sharp and aged.

  • Favorite Book: Life of Pi by Yann Martel (She judges her favorite books on which ones keep her up the latest; she finished Life of Pi in an evening.)
  • Favorite TV Series: M*A*S*H, the 1972-1983 classic, and Golden Girls.
  • Secret (Not Any More) Talent: When she was younger, she could crack an egg between her shoulder blades. (Handy talent for a baker.)
  • Refrigerator Staple: “There are always pickles in my fridge.”
  • One thing she couldn’t live without: Her partner.
  • Three Traits that Define Anna: 1. Hilarious 2. Empathetic 3. Ambiguous
  • Advice she would give her 13-year-old self: “It’s okay to be yourself.”
  • What animal would you be and why? An octopus. She has an octopus tattoo and knows octopus facts: for example, that octopuses (technically the correct term, rather than “octopi”) have eight arms (more accurate than “tentacles”), two of which are technically legs—and, being boneless, they can fit into and out of extremely tight spaces.) Why would she be an octopus? They are good with blending into their surroundings.