Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp Reflection

By Jamie Marks, Appearances Marketing

Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp was created to help local aspiring entrepreneurs set themselves up for their greatest chance at success. Our team is still in awe of the incredible support that our staff and campers received from the community for the fourth annual BTE Bootcamp in June, both at our two public events and throughout the duration of camp.

BTE Bootcamp would not be possible without the support of our community in the form of speakers and mentors sharing wisdom, attending public events, and networking with our campers throughout camp.

Sean and Sarah Quallen attended BTE Bootcamp this year to help their new business concept, The Round Table: A Board Game Café, a gathering space for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company without screens, get off the ground. “The BTE Bootcamp provided our company countless opportunities and network potentials,” said the pair. “We feel substantially more ready than we did a week ago.”

This year, the BTE Bootcamp roster was filled with campers across a wide rage of ages and fields. Our campers arrived at various stages in their business, from searching for an idea to preparing to launch their products.

Adam Jones and Eun Leem came to BTE Bootcamp with their concept for Inbound Hiro, a custom website extension to help businesses better market to their customers. “We enjoyed every moment! Meeting other business people who were getting started, successful, and building. We grew so much and feel ready to succeed with our product,” they said. In fact, the team garnered interest and attention from several businesses in the community during the camp.

Our teams at BTE Bootcamp and Palouse Knowledge Corridor look forward to the success of our new alumni, and thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout this intensive five-day course.

You can read more about this year’s Be The Entreprenur Bootcamp on our website, Here you will find features monthly about what our campers are up to now, exciting business news in the area, and more.

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