Moscow Community Update

By David Hall, community member

The terms for Moscow’s mayor and four Moscow City Council members are about to expire. The filing period for candidacy is August 28 through September 8. The election will be held November 7. Requisite forms and other details may be found at

As former Mayor Nancy Chaney put it (Moscow-Pullman Daily News, July 14, 2017, Her View: Job openings: Qualified individuals please apply), “Citizens of Moscow seek a few open-minded, hard-working individuals to put the public back in public service. Several openings available, including three four-year terms and one two-year term on the City Council, and one four-year term for mayor. Are you up to the challenge?”

The requirements, in her view: “Must be age 18 or older, a United States citizen, and a resident of Moscow for at least 30 days. Honesty, critical thinking skills and solid work ethic essential. Eligibility not dependent on party affiliation, academic credentials, gender identity, ethnicity, race, religion (or lack thereof), disability, socio-economic status, or coffee klatch connections. Commitment to fair and open public process paramount. Devotion to community vital. Must have world-view broader than the distance between one's ears, and longer than the duration of one's term in office.”