Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Comes to the Kenworthy Accompanied by a Live Chamber Orchestra

By Jamie Hill, Kenworthy Operations Director

The 1920 classic silent film, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, accompanied by a new original score, takes to the screen at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre on September 28, 2017 at 7 pm.

After last spring’s successful premiere of his score accompanying The Phantom of the Opera, Dylan Champagne has returned to create a new score for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A LIVE 8-piece ensemble, directed by Al Gemberling and performing Champagne’s composition, will accompany the silent film.

In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, John Barrymore plays the humanitarian Dr. Henry Jekyll, who becomes obsessed with the notion of separating the good and evil impulses within every man. To this end, he develops a potion that unleashes his own darker side: the demonic Mr. Hyde.

“In some ways Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an ancient story that we tell over and over again; a story about attempting to overcome humankind’s baser and animalistic origins,” said Champagne.

Tickets are on sale now at the Kenworthy website and will be available at the door.  General admission is $20. Student admission is $10.

Further details are available at www.Kenworthy.org

The crown jewel of Moscow’s downtown, the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre was originally opened in 1926 and served Moscow’s population as the gathering place for films and entertainment for decades. In 2000, the Kenworthy was donated by the Kenworthy family, and Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, Inc. was created to operate the theater. The theater was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. The mission of Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre is to provide residents and visitors of Moscow and the Palouse with an easily accessible, high quality venue for film, the performing arts and other public engagements and to restore and preserve the historic Kenworthy Theater.

For further information, contact Operations Director Jamie Hill at (208) 882-4127 or kpac@moscow.com.

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