New On Our Shelves

Health Warrior Superfood and Chia Bars

Health Warrior believes better health will build a stronger society. Better health starts with the right food ingredients, which is why the first one in all of their products is a superfood, the most nourishing on the planet. Chia is the first ingredient in their Chia Bars, which is packed with omega-3s, plant-based protein, fiber and a fraction of the sugar of many bars. Pumpkin seeds are the first ingredient in their Pumpkin Bars. These contain 8 grams of protein; are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron and protein. Six tasty flavors can be found in the snack aisle.

Boulder Canyon Lentil Crisps and Rice Oil Chips

Boulder Canyon has been making “craft” potato chips since the mid-90’s. Their innovative kettle-cooked method uses oils that can withstand higher temperatures. Because their chips cook for shorter periods they are naturally 30% lower in fat than other chips. They are free of trans fats and cholesterol; are low in sodium; gluten-free and non-GMO.  New to their offerings are Lentil Crisps and Rice Bran Oil Chips. Protein-packed lentils are paired with carrots and quinoa, then baked and seasoned with balsamic vinegar and herbs or sea salt and black pepper.  Cooking chips in 100% rice bran oil provides a smooth mild taste and crispy finish, made all the more addictive when seasoned with the smoky heat of roasted jalapenos or a dash of Himalayan pink salt.

Matiz Gallego Sardines

Wild-caught off the coast of Galicia in northern Spain, Matiz Gallego sardines are considered one of the finest available. Prized for their plump, tender texture and rich flavor, they are hand-packed fresh from the ocean in the traditional Spanish style with olive oil and a touch of sea salt, piquillo peppers or lemon with no added colors or preservatives. Matiz’s attention to detail produces a moist, tender and exceptionally flavorful fish. Traditional fishing methods are used that respect the biological cycles of the species and avoid harming other sea life. Enjoy these fresh from the can, for tapas, or tossed with veggies, pasta and a touch of fresh lemon.

Yellowbird Pepper Sauces

Yellowbird pepper sauces are crafted deep in the heart of Texas using quality ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial anything. They focus on bringing out the flavor of the spicy peppers they use, rather than the heat, and slow cook their sauces to perfection. Their habanero sauce is a smooth and super spicy blend of carrots, habaneros, onions, garlic, tangerine juice and lime juice. If you prefer your heat with a little sweet, the blue agave sriracha is a blend of ripe red jalapeños, garlic, and organic blue agave. The serrano is a smooth, spicy blend of serrano peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and onions. The jalapeno is milder than the habanero sauce and is made with a blend of red jalapeños, carrots, onions, and garlic. Try all four of these spicy sauces with “spunky character”!

Aneto Chicken and Fish Broths

Aneto makes their 100% natural broths just like you would at home. They daily buy the freshest vegetables, meat and fish from the local market, and simmer all the ingredients at low heat for two to three hours. They don’t use concentrates, dehydrated foods, additives, preservatives or flavorings. Both broths are gluten-, dairy- and egg-free. Using aseptic packaging gives the broths a 9-month shelf life. Look for these with the other broths and soups in aisle one.

Mavuno Harvest Dried Fruit

Sub-Saharan Africa is the poorest region on Earth, with over 70% of the population dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Mavuno Harvest works with small farming cooperatives to bring delicious, organic dried fruit from this region to the American consumer.  They provide markets for these farmers and their products, thus increasing incomes, securing existing jobs and even creating new ones. As a fair trade certified company, Mavuno Harvest works with the farmers to plan social and community projects such as libraries and health and education centers. All of their dried fruits are 100% organically grown, non-GMO verified and completely all-natural with no added sugar! These sweet and delicious between-meal snacks have zero fat, cholesterol and sodium. Find four delicious flavors: jackfruit, banana, pineapple and tropical mix.