September Dime in Time Recipient – Moscow High School Music Boosters

By Cynthia Pierce-Garnett, President, Moscow Music Boosters

If you hear the sound of a marching band or the cadence of drums around town this time of year, there’s a good chance you’re listening to the sound of the Moscow High School Marching Band. Moscow Music Boosters is the support group for Moscow High School Band, Orchestra, and Choir. Our mission is to help students foster a lifelong love of music by creating experiences that are enjoyable, motivating and productive. We help by facilitating communication; fundraising; chaperoning; uniform maintenance; and most importantly, supporting, recognizing and encouraging students!

Band, Orchestra, and Choir are curriculum classes at both the high school and the middle school, indicating Moscow School District’s commitment to and recognition of its importance both academically and socially. Our students, grades 9 through 12, rehearse and perform all year long at sporting events, concerts, community gatherings, and regional and distant music festivals and shows. Because music is food for the soul, supporting Moscow High School Music is supporting local youth and the idea that everything we take into our bodies and minds affects the well-being of the individual.

One thing musicians take in is water. Horn and woodwind musicians and choral performers require a steady stream of hydration, and when we travel, we have to carry our water with us. Although we encourage students to bring their own bottles and provide full tanks from which they can refill, students frequently forget or are unable to bring their own bottles, which means resorting to single-use containers or cups. With Dime in Time proceeds, we intend to purchase BPA-free, reusable water bottles printed with the Moscow Music Boosters and the Co-op’s logos and provide them to students and staff to keep, as both a gratuity and reusable solution.

Any remaining funds will be used towards purchase of two new vendor-quality canopies. These canopies are used as both shade and weather shelter during performances (rain is bad for instruments), and for other events, such as cover during our participation in the Moscow Renaissance Fair.

We invite the community to watch us at our school performances or attend one of the MHS Bear Football Games to see our Marching Band. We’d like to thank the Moscow Food Co-op and its customers for supporting local students, music and helping us hydrate more sustainably!

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