Staff Profile: Vinnie Siragusa


Siragusa. His last name may be Sicilian, but Vinnie was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Graduating from Montana Tech in Butte, Montana, Vinnie earned a degree in Organismal Biology, the study of structure, function, ecology, and evolution at the level of the organism. This field provides ample opportunity for investigation and plays a central role in answering conceptual questions about both ecology and evolution. Vinnie’s research led him to western New Mexico where he surveyed the endangered New Mexico meadow jumping mouse, as well as delving into the study of hantavirus, fish, and bats. 

Although Vinnie enjoyed the research he was doing and was, for a while, driven to pursue a career in academia, he is enjoying taking a break from the solitary nature of fieldwork while in Moscow. He and his girlfriend moved to the Palouse so she could begin attending vet school at Washington State University this past fall semester. Vinnie has been working at the Co-op since the end of August. 

Vinnie enjoys butchery and performs a "variety of meat related tasks" in his position in the meat department. His favorite part of the job is working with "good, solid people." He appreciates his co-workers' diverse personalities, interests and good attitudes (and, of course, the free Old School gluten-free chocolate chip cookies in the employee break room).


A lover of cross country skiing, fishing, and live music, Vinnie has some exploring to do now that he's in Idaho. Stop by the meat department to welcome Vinnie to Moscow and show some winter enthusiasm by sharing with him your favorite places to ski. (I already recommended Ponderosa State Park as a solid destination for cross country skiing, but there are so many more even closer to home. Let's help him get started!)

Advice He Would Give to His 13 Year Old Self:

"Do your homework. Don't be so anxious." 

Favorite book(s): 

The Stand by Stephen King. Post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy. Classic King. 

Favorite movie series:

Indiana Jones

Who would he swap places with for a day?

Ryan Gosling

Secret Talent:

"I wouldn't be a good Sicilian if I shared my secrets."