Art at the Co-op

February brings us the wonderful art of Susan Segota. Susan has shown her art at the Co-op previously, and it is always fascinating to see her renderings of our sweet community. Quite often people find their own dwellings portrayed! Her new series based on stars is also wondrous, and I have a piece on a wall in my home that constantly delights me. The show will run from Friday, February 9 through Wednesday, March 7. I will let her words speak for themselves, but I encourage you all to come down to the Co-op and enjoy the show!

Susan Segota writes:

2017 was a different year for me, alternating between boring and alarming, but I’ve kept on painting and this is one of my favorites!
Even though it took some time to paint I think this simple scene shows the “flavor” of our community without a lot of fanfare. Emotions can be unconsciously transferred to a canvas through paint or any medium for that matter, so I’ve tried to set the right tone with each piece. This goal has caused me to wipe clean a canvas multiple times sometimes scraping the whole idea. I’ve also yelled, and thrown stuff, which didn’t help, but taking some deep breaths and aligning my emotions with clear goals usually puts me back on track. Painting this area and the people that live here is a way for me to show a world which cares and values every person in it!
I’m still working on the series I call “Under The Stars,” because they’re challenging but enjoyable to create. The paintings are part imagination and part reality, having a bit of “whimsy” about them. While camping and traveling I have been lucky enough to see the Milky Way multiple times, and through a telescope I viewed a nebula in Orion’s Belt and the band around Jupiter. It all takes my breath away, so I have been trying to paint “that,” using this area as inspiration all the while thinking it’s too bad I had to drive 900 miles just to see the Milky Way. These paintings are fun to do because most people have not seen all the colors and patterns of the heavens, so some “make believe” is possible and believable. These “make believe” believable paintings serve another goal of mine, which is to distract “you” from the hustle and bustle of life, and I sincerely hope this art show will do that!

If you are interested in buying a painting Susan asks that you talk to a Co-op cashier or contact her directly. Susan’s email is and her phone is (208) 882-8284. To view the paintings online, visit