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 Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Chris Smith has been a grocery stocker at the Co-op since last October. What does someone think about during the day as they stock the Co-op shelves? Many things, but lately Chris has been looking at the ingredients of the products and imagining different meals that could be created. As a dietetics student at the University of Idaho, he has been cooking more recently than ever. 

Chris has always had an interest in food, eating healthily, trying different culinary lifestyles. He was a vegan for about a year, transitioning about a month ago into a less dedicated vegan diet. Prior to his vegan period, he was following a Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet traditionally includes fruits, vegetables, pasta, and rice. Grains are typically whole grain and bread is eaten plain or dipped in olive oil — rather than with butter or margarines. Residents of Greece, for example, eat very little red meat and average nine servings a day of fruits and vegetables. 

As a future dietician with a minor in kinesiology, Chris's ultimate goal is to work with athletes, first in a hospital setting with the ultimate goal of opening his own facility where he would provide personal training and nutritional guidance and planning. 

He grew up in a small California town, playing football with friends, but it was a trip to Hawaii when Chris was 13 years old that made him realize what he wanted to pursue as a future career. Family friends gave him a free ticket to a pro-bowl National Football League game; after the game, the excitement of meeting and talking to the pro-players cemented his motivation to work with athletes.

His favorite aspect of the Co-op is that people there care about what they eat. He finds them to be thoughtful about where their food comes from and to appreciate quality food products. For a relatively small town, Moscow has amazing food options that support a wide variety of eating preferences and needs. Chris said Moscow seems to be a town of foodies—people who appreciate good food—and that it’s really a great and supportive environment for someone pursuing a dietetics degree.

Advice He Would Give to His 13-Year-Old Self:

Focus on what you want to accomplish. Keep a tunnel vision on goals. The better grades you earn, the further along your path you’ll be.

Best book(s): 

Chris Sager's autobiography, Living Out Loud: Sports, Cancer and the Things Worth Fighting For. (If you think you don't know Sager, chances are you will recognize him. He is best-known for having worked as a National Basketball Association sideline reporter who paced the floors in one of his garish jackets or suits.) "He's a wacky dude who didn't seem to fit anywhere, but his perseverance made him who he was. He had his own style; I appreciate people who are comfortable being different."

Favorite TV series:

Archer, Trailer Boys, Game of Thrones

Favorite Co-op Foods:

Barbecue Tofu and Veggie Pizza