Co-op Business Partner Profile: Dr. Arbor Tree Care, LLC

 Cleve Yoku, Dr. Arbor Tree Care, LLC

Cleve Yoku, Dr. Arbor Tree Care, LLC

Cleve Yokum started Dr. Arbor Tree Care, LLC in 1989. He had previously been working with another company, but didn’t jive with their practice, which leaned towards bulk work and speed.  He left the company when he broke his foot doing tree work, and decided it was a good time to start his own company with business practices he believed in. 

Cleve worked with a different tree company to learn the roping technique and climbing that he currently practices. He learned a lot from that tree trimming team, then began his own company where he now works as a one-man operation. Having a single-person business trims overhead costs and allows him to do his work for a reasonable cost to his customers. 

Cleve employs the rope and harness technique and uses pole saws, hand saws, and large and small chainsaws. The angles of his cuts are important. He always makes sure a branch is cut off at the angle of the branch collar. He is also careful not to rip any bark off, which damages the integrity of the tree. 

Cleve does large tree pruning, specifically pruning diseased parts of the tree, deadwood and damaged wood. He tries to look at the overall health of the tree, taking into consideration things like crossed branches and two branches growing in the same place. He does a thorough job, leaving a clean tree with no stumps sticking out. What he is looking for is a big strong trunk and an open canopy. Fruit trees are Cleve’s specialty and his favorite trees to work on. He does not own a bucket truck, so he leaves jobs like large tree removal to the bigger companies.

Cleve has always loved the outdoors and outdoor work. He has been a laborer all his life. In the past he did construction work and carpentry. His work as a tree sculptor can be dangerous. He is often 40 feet above the ground. His worst accident occurred when he was high up and a pole saw came loose, hit his hand, and caused a deep cut between his thumb and forefinger. He had to make his way down from the tree, which included changing tree trunks and switching ropes. For the most part, though, Cleve has had few accidents. He always tries to be safety minded. Being willing to take his time rather than speeding through a job is better for safety and improves the quality of the work he does.

Cleve grew up in a military family that was stationed all over the world. He went to high school in Taiwan where he learned to speak some Chinese, and also spent time in Germany. Later he joined the Navy, which allowed him to see even more of the world. He moved to Moscow from Iowa—a beautiful state, but very humid in the summer and often below 0 degrees in the winter.  Now he is happy to be settled in Moscow with his wife, daughter and son-in-law.  

With spring arriving, this is a good time to contact Dr. Arbor Tree Care, LLC to get your beloved trees in good condition for summer.


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