Staff Profile: Jessi Blommer O'Malley

 Jessi Blommer O'Malley

Jessi Blommer O'Malley

Jessi Blommer O’Malley “loves all things dance and music.” Although she plays the piano, that’s mostly just for herself. Singing, however, she’ll share, performing with the University of Idaho jazz choir. In fact, they are scheduled to perform twice at the 2018 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Also known to partake in swing nights at the Moose Lodge, Jessi loves ballroom and two-step dancing.

Another love? Baking and pastry. Jessi graduated from the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont.  Since graduating in 2012, she has worked in the food industry—restaurants, bakery, catering, grocery – and plans to open her own bakery in the Moscow area. She would specialize in custom event cakes, made to order for weddings, birthdays, etc., but also has a passion for desserts that highlight seasonal and local ingredients, like pies and tarts. When I asked her to give me an example of a cake that she would most recommend, this is what she told me:

(Brace yourself, ‘cuz this sounds amazing! And it’s a Jessi-original-recipe!)

"Amaretto cake. Honey mascarpone filling. Roasted blackberries. Buttercream frosting."

Uh…Yes, please.

Now that she’s in Moscow, she “never plans to leave.” Moving to the area from San Antonio, Texas, to be near her brother and sister-in-law, she stumbled upon the Moscow Food Co-op when searching for specialty items she needed for a cake. She immediately connected with the Co-op, applied for a position and was hired as a cashier the following week. She’s been working here for 10 months and thoroughly enjoys her eclectic, fun-loving, caring colleagues. She also appreciates how central the Co-op is to the community, making it an easy place to meet many great people. 

Advice for her 13-year-old self: “Don’t be fearful of living wholeheartedly—fully invest yourself in what you’re doing and who you’re with.”

Favorite Books:

“I’m a huge reader, so I have to visualize my bookshelf to answer this . . .”

The Virginian by Owen Wister—the 1902 American novel that paved the way for other authors and stories of the Wild West. It’s recognized as the first true fictional western ever written. She’s on her first re-read of this one.

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy—the massive epic and quintessential Russian classic that many consider one of the finest novels ever written. “This book holds the title for most life changing.”

Hamlet by William Shakespeare—“To be or not to be….” But really, Jessi has a true love for all things Shakespeare.

Star Wars—‘nuff said.

Jessi Can’t Resist…..

1.         Perfectly sunny days

2.         Spending time with friends

3.         Star Wars