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Slim Twin Ice Cream

New from the producers of Three Twins comes a low-calorie version of their rich and creamy ice cream called Slim Twin. Three Twins was born in San Rafael, California in 2005 when founding twin Neal Gottlieb set out to craft delicious ice cream using organic ingredients. Slim Twin is free from the added salt, glycerin, and stevia that you find in other low-calorie brands. Weighing in at only 240-320 calories for an entire pint, with 24 grams of protein and certified organic, Slim Twin is the perfect treat for those wanting a sweet treat without the guilt. Slim Twin is sweetened with organic erythritol, monk fruit, and cane sugar; the protein boost comes from milk protein concentrate. Try all six decadent flavors: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, cookies and cream, mint chip and lemon cookie.



Caulipower Pizza Crust

Caulipower believes that everyone “deserves access to tasty, affordable, and nutritious alternatives to highly-processed foods.” As part of their mission, Caulipower supports the fight against childhood obesity by contributing to the creation of vegetable gardens at underserved schools throughout the country. Their pizza crust’s first ingredient is cauliflower–yep, you read that right–and it is naturally gluten-free so everyone can enjoy it. It is an excellent source of vitamin C with no trans-fats and half the sugar; more protein, fiber, and vitamins than most of the leading gluten-free pizzas; and it is lower in calories, fat, and sodium. Caulipower’s pizza crust is a “blank canvas awaiting your culinary artistry” and can be found with the frozen pizzas.



Barnana’s Banana Brittle

The founders of Barnana believe that the banana is “mother nature's original energy bar.” They are on a mission to end food waste on organic banana farms by “upcycling” the bananas that used to go to waste. When bananas have scuffs, are a little too ripe, or aren’t the perfect size, they are typically rejected for export. Barnana turns them into snacks. Their banana brittles, like all of their products, are USDA organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian. They come in three flavors: peanut butter banana, ginger banana, and coconut banana, and they can be found with the packaged cookies.

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Dorot Gardens Frozen Garlic and Herbs

Dorot Gardens specializes in developing, producing and marketing frozen garlic and herbs all over the world. The company was established in 1992 and is owned by Kibbutz Dorot in the southern part of Israel. The kibbutz has more than 3,500 acres of garlic and herbs which are chopped, packaged, and frozen in recipe-sized portions within 90 minutes of picking, thus maintaining their taste, freshness, and nutritive value. Dorot products are all-natural, raw, and vegan. They are free of preservatives and artificial flavors; kosher; halal (prepared according to Muslim law); non-GMO; and gluten-, dairy-, nut-, and soy-free. Find four flavors in the freezer aisle: cilantro, basil, ginger, and garlic.