Participating Owner Program

        Participating Owners coordinate the Co-op Kids Program.

        Participating Owners coordinate the Co-op Kids Program.

The Participating Owner Program provides our owners with a means to deepen their involvement and impact in our community. These volunteers play a pivotal role in our cooperative by sharing their talents and donating their time to activities such as teaching customers about food and nutrition, facilitating playgroups and clubs, contributing to our publications, and more.

Per a Board of Directors’ policy that guides the program, volunteer positions shall not be of an operational nature. We look for useful and creative ways to engage owners in our mission and strategic plan.

  • As positions become available, we will post them below. The link to apply is below the current openings section; you may also pick up a hard copy application at the Customer Service Desk.
  • An application also may be submitted to receive first notice of opportunities at they arise, or to suggest a role that is not currently advertised.



Please email Nicole O'Donnell at with any questions!




Owner Engagement Committee

We’re looking for a Co-op owner to help the Board of Directors better understand and respond to owner values and desires for the Co-op. The Owner Engagement Committee has an opening for 1 owner. Due to our upcoming expansion to Pullman, we are strongly encouraging a Washington state resident to apply. The committee involves Board members, staff, and owners working on efforts that strengthen our democratically guided cooperative. The committee’s priorities include planning social gatherings and formal events that will help deepen the connection between ownership and the Co-op’s Board, identifying owner concerns and proposing solutions, and communicating with owners about the Co-op. The committee meets for approximately one hour each month; periodically, some outside social events/activities could add an additional 1-3 hours of time in a month. Meetings are currently held at 4:30pm on the second Monday of the month, but this is subject to change after January's meeting. Volunteers will be awarded with (3) 18% discount vouchers for each meeting; vouchers for functions and prep outside of meetings will be given as needed. 


Board Elections Committe

The Moscow Food Co-op is seeking a community member to serve on our Board Nominations and Elections committee. There are a total of 4 open seats for the upcoming March 2017 Board of Directors election. Before elections, a group of community members, Board members, and employees meet on a monthly basis to plan, publicize, and facilitate the election process. Committee duties include:

  • Recruiting candidates: In a year-round effort that aims beyond the upcoming election, the committee will develop a pool of qualified candidates and work on recruitment for the Board.
  • Overseeing elections & nominations processes: This involves assuring candidate eligibility, presenting the Board with eligible and ineligible candidates, conducting candidate orientations, and overseeing elections procedures and marketing efforts (including work carried out by Co-op staff).
  • Special membership meetings: The committee will oversee special membership meetings/elections called in accordance with Moscow Food Co-op bylaws.

Qualified candidates for this committee will have expertise in the co-operative business model. This committee currently meets from 4-5pm on the 1st Thursday of every month at the Moscow Food Co-op. The first official meeting will begin in January of 2017.  Please turn in your application (letter of intent with description of pertinent skill sets) to by December 31st, 2016. Three (3) 18% discount vouchers will be awarded for each month in which the committee meets. 


Food for Thought Film Series Committee Members

We are seeking 1-2 community members to serve on our Food for Thought Film Series committee. This group is responsible for working with the Education & Outreach Coordinator to organize our Food for Thought Film Series. The Film Series strives to provide educational entertainment for the community on topics related to the Co-op’s mission. The film series usually runs February – April and September – November for a total of six films each year. Committee duties include identifying documentaries or other relevant films; working to develop partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and educational institutions; and attending the film screenings to help with displays and/or introduce the films. The committee will meet with the Education & Outreach Coordinator a few times each year to confirm films and assign action items for individual members. Four (4) 18% discount vouchers will be awarded for each month in which the committee meets and/or volunteers assist with series planning. 

Tuesday Night Music Sound Facilitator

We are seeking a sound facilitator for our Tuesday Night Music program. This is a weekly role that includes setting up/running/breaking down sound equipment on Tuesday evenings from approximately 4:15 - 7:00 (music runs 5-6:30 and musicians arrive for sound check at 4:30). The position requires familiarity with running a sound board, amps, and other equipment. We have the sound equipment here, the volunteer would just need to know how to set it up, use it, and put it away. Four (4) 18% discount vouchers will be awarded each week for your time.

Recycling Subs Needed

Help the Co-op operate sustainably by becoming one of our recycling subs! Our Participating Owner-driven recycling program needs substitutes!  It takes about two hours to complete a shift, which involves visiting different store departments and collecting recyclables for sorting at the Moscow Recycling Center. Substitutes will be put on a contact list for regular recyclers to use to find a substitute who is able to cover their shift. Substitute recyclers will receive (3) 18% vouchers for each shift they cover.

Composting Facilitators

Our sustainability committee conducted an internal waste audit during the month of April to see what our current waste streams look like and found that the biggest area for improvement is diverting more food waste from the deli to our composter, Eartha. Although our staff does a great job with sending viable food waste to compost, we don’t currently have a system for customers to compost their leftovers when they choose to eat at the Co-op.

We are looking to generate a pool of Participating Owners that are available during high traffic times such as lunch (11:30-1:30) and dinner (5-7) to help us facilitate a trial composting program. This Participating Owner role would require commitment for at least one shift weekly (either lunch or dinner on a set day each week). The position would include being available in the deli to let customers know that the composting container is available and direct them according to the system. It would also involve helping provide education and information on what can and cannot be composted in Eartha to those that have questions. Once we have a few Participating Owners that are interested in this role, we will finalize systems using input from those Participating Owners, members of the Sustainability Committee, and staff from the deli and kitchen. An ideal start for this program would be August 2016, but Participating Owner involvement in developing the system will take place in July. Participating Owners will receive two (2) 18% discount vouchers for each shift they commit to facilitating composting, which leads to 8 to 10 store discount vouchers each month. 


To apply

Click on the application box below. You also can pick up a hard copy application at our Customer Service Desk.

An application also may be submitted to receive first notice of opportunities at they arise, or to suggest a role that is not currently advertised.

NOTE: You must be a member-owner of the Co-op
to volunteer as a "Participating Owner"!