Participating Owner Program

        Participating Owners coordinate the Co-op Kids Program.

        Participating Owners coordinate the Co-op Kids Program.

The Participating Owner Program provides our owners with a means to deepen their involvement and impact in our community. These volunteers play a pivotal role in our cooperative by sharing their talents and donating their time to activities such as teaching customers about food and nutrition, facilitating playgroups and clubs, contributing to our publications, and more.

Per a Board of Directors’ policy that guides the program, volunteer positions shall not be of an operational nature. We look for useful and creative ways to engage owners in our mission and strategic plan.

  • As positions become available, we will post them below. The link to apply is below the current openings section; you may also pick up a hard copy application at the Customer Service Desk.
  • An application also may be submitted to receive first notice of opportunities at they arise, or to suggest a role that is not currently advertised.




Pending Volunteer Applications

If you applied for our participating owner program in August or September, there is a change we did not receive your application. We recently discovered  a glitch in the forwarding of these applications. Please email Nicole O'Donnell at if you are waiting to hear from us!



Tuesday Night Music Sound Facilitator

We are seeking a sound facilitator for our Tuesday Night Music program. This is a weekly role that includes setting up/running/breaking down sound equipment on Tuesday evenings from approximately 4:15 - 7:00 (music runs 5-6:30 and musicians arrive for sound check at 4:30). The position requires familiarity with running a sound board, amps, and other equipment. We have the sound equipment here, the volunteer would just need to know how to set it up, use it, and put it away. Four (4) 18% discount vouchers will be awarded each week for your time.

Dime in Time Committee

We are seeking a Participating Owner to join our Dime in Time Committee. Through the Dime in Time program, customers can donate to the grant fund the 10-cent refund they receive each time they use a reusable tote bag or drink cup. The Dime in Time Committee considers all Dime in Time grant applications and awards recipients on a quarterly basis. Committee members make decisions based on the need of the organizations applying as well as their connection with the Co-op's mission and strategic priorities. The committee meets once each quarter (March, June, September, December) to determine the recipients for the following three months. Meetings range in time from 30 minutes to an hour. Meetings are usually held in the evening at the Co-op and scheduled around a month in advance. Volunteers who serve on this committee will receive (2) 18% discount vouchers for each meeting.

Recycling Subs Needed

Help the Co-op operate sustainably by becoming one of our recycling subs! Our Participating Owner-driven recycling program needs substitutes!  It takes about two hours to complete a shift, which involves visiting different store departments and collecting recyclables for sorting at the Moscow Recycling Center. Substitutes will be put on a contact list for regular recyclers to use to find a substitute who is able to cover their shift. Substitute recyclers will receive (3) 18% vouchers for each shift they cover.

Composting Facilitators

Our sustainability committee conducted an internal waste audit during the month of April to see what our current waste streams look like and found that the biggest area for improvement is diverting more food waste from the deli to our composter, Eartha. Although our staff does a great job with sending viable food waste to compost, we don’t currently have a system for customers to compost their leftovers when they choose to eat at the Co-op.

We are looking to generate a pool of Participating Owners that are available during high traffic times such as lunch (11:30-1:30) and dinner (5-7) to help us facilitate a trial composting program. This Participating Owner role would require commitment for at least one shift weekly (either lunch or dinner on a set day each week). The position would include being available in the deli to let customers know that the composting container is available and direct them according to the system. It would also involve helping provide education and information on what can and cannot be composted in Eartha to those that have questions. Once we have a few Participating Owners that are interested in this role, we will finalize systems using input from those Participating Owners, members of the Sustainability Committee, and staff from the deli and kitchen. An ideal start for this program would be August 2016, but Participating Owner involvement in developing the system will take place in July. Participating Owners will receive two (2) 18% discount vouchers for each shift they commit to facilitating composting, which leads to 8 to 10 store discount vouchers each month. 

Pullman Farmers Market Vendor Booth

We are looking to have a participating owners attend the Pullman Farmers Market as representatives of the Co-op. We hope to form a pool of volunteers who can rotate when they attend. The position begins as early as Wednesday May 11th and runs through Wednesday, October 26th. The main responsibilities of this position include engaging with community members about the benefits of becoming a Co-op owner, handing out materials and freebies to visitors, transporting materials, and setting up and breaking down the display table at the market (requires some lifting, bending, etc.). Setup for the market begins at 3 pm with the market running from 3:30 – 6 pm in the Spot Shop Parking Lot at 240 NE Kamiaken St. Our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Misty, will attend the first market with the volunteer(s) to help them get situated and to answer any questions that may arise. Four (4) 18% discount vouchers will be awarded for each market a volunteer attends.

Seed Sowers Advisory Committee

We are seeking Participating Owners to join our Seed Sowers Advisory Committee and help us grow financial support for local organizations. This is an exciting opportunity that we have been granted, and we would like to get the advisory committee going soon! Through outreach and relationship building advisory committee volunteers will help increase donations to this fund, which will earn interest through a national collaboration of cooperatives and thereby increase the total amount that will be invested in our community. The committee also will oversee the awarding of the funds to local organizations that focus on the environment, social services, food and hunger, or cooperative development. The committee’s work will be guided by Co-op staff and marketing support will be provided. Volunteers serving on this committee will be awarded with up to five (5) 18% discount vouchers per month of activity.


To apply

  • Click on the application box below. You also can pick up a hard copy application at our Customer Service Desk.
  • An application also may be submitted to receive first notice of opportunities at they arise, or to suggest a role that is not currently advertised.

NOTE: You must be a member-owner of the Co-op
to volunteer as a "Participating Owner"!