What is Principle Six (P6)?

P6 is an educational and marketing initiative based on the sixth cooperative principle, cooperation among cooperatives, which strives to increase our economic impact by directing more of our purchasing dollars to local, small, and cooperative producers.

P6 is a way for us to highlight and support those producers who are building an alternative to a corporate controlled food system. We join this effort with ten other co-ops across the country.

Producers designated as P6 at the Moscow Food Co-op must meet two of these three criteria:

The fact is, ownership matters. Small local and cooperatively owned businesses fundamentally do things differently than their corporate conglomerate counterparts. They are more representative of the society that supports them. They're more responsible and more responsive. The result is shared rather than concentrated prosperity.

How will you know which products have been designated P6?

Look for this logo and shelf tags around the store that tell you the stories of some of your favorite local, small and cooperative producers:

Who is making the decisions about P6 in my Co-op?

A dedicated committee of staff members from across multiple departments is guiding our participation in the P6 cooperative trade movement. They are working with the national P6 team, which is based out of Minneapolis, but is also made up of people from ten co-ops from around the country. This committee is also worked to plan our Co-op's launch party. Here are some photos from the first party back in August 2016: