So you want a Seed Sowers Grant...

After over a year of rounding up at the register, the Seed Sowers Fund has returned its first interest payment to The Moscow Food Co-op!  Now it's time for us to decide how to allocate the funds.  Below is a grant application for Seed Sowers funds - please fill out the application with as much detail as possible.

Point of Contact *
Point of Contact
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
The Twin Pines Cooperative Community Fund, the organization that established the Seed Sowers Fund, organizes recipients into four Categories - please select the one that you feel applies to your organization. The four categories are: 1) ENV - Environmental: Environmental projects, Recycling, and Alternative Transportation. 2) COMM - Community: Health care, Social service, Service groups, and Community events. 3) F&H - Farming and Hunger: Alternative agriculture, Organic farming, and Food banks. 4) COOP - Cooperatives: Co-op organizations, Co-op development, Co-op funds, Co-op education. Please choose the one your organization most closely aligns with.