Deli Menu March 6-12

March 6

Brunch 7 AM- 2PM

March 7

Lunch: Thai veggie curry with coconut rice
Dinner: Rose's lentil loaf and vegan lentil loaf

March 8

Lunch: Bahn-Mi tofu sandwiches and bahn-mi pork sandwiches
Dinner: Chicken Parmesan and baked polenta with veggies

March 9

Lunch: Kung Pao Chicken and Kung Pao tofu
Dinner: Bean and rice bowls with braised pork and toppings

March 10

Lunch: Chicken and veggie enchiladas a la crema
Dinner: Burger night with all the fixins

March 11

Pizza day all day!
Mac and cheese specials too!

March 12

Lunch: Pulled pork sandwich with mac and sides
Dinner Co-op Brats with traditional sides