Democracy in Action: Board Candidate Forum

ForumGetting to Know You: Why You Should Attend the ForumThere’s no denying that owners play a vital role in the shaping of our cooperative during Board elections, but our involvement doesn’t end once our ballots are cast. This is also a critical time to build relationships with Board members, so this year we’ve created a unique opportunity for owners to do just that:  A special, more formal candidate forum and reception. Here’s everything you need to know about the event:

What will the forum be like? Like years past, this forum will feature a Q&A followed by a reception. For the Q&A, we’ll take questions from the crowd—anyone is welcome to ask the candidates any Co-op related question. But this year, we've decided to make a few changes to enhance the forum, namely by changing venues. While we all loved cozying up in the Co-op Deli for previous forums, that space had its limitations; only so many people could comfortably fit in such a small area, and all the bustling store noise made it difficult for everyone to hear the questions. In addition, the space didn't lend itself particularly well to mingling afterward.

So in an effort to move past these challenges, we’d like to invite everyone across the alleyway to the Kenworthy, where we’ll not only have plenty of seating for all interested attendees, but we’ll also be able to throw one heck of a reception after the Q&A portion of the forum.

Why should everyone attend? There are several reasons to check out the forum, the most obvious being that it’s the best way to decide how you’re voting in the upcoming Board election. Even though this year is technically an uncontested election—meaning that there are two candidates for two open seats—you can still choose to vote “yes” or “no” for a candidate. If the majority of votes for a candidate are “no” votes, that person will not be seated on the Board.  A “no” vote can also send a really strong message to a candidate, and would very likely have an impact on how they approach their role on the Board. So your vote matters!

Another perk to attending the forum is that whether you’re new to the Co-op or a lifetime owner, the candidate forum is perhaps one of the best opportunities you have all year to get up to speed on all the ins and outs of our cooperative. Not only do you get to know the current candidates, it’s also a good time to get acquainted with all of our Board members, staff and other community members in a more laid-back venue (and when you’re not in a hurry to do shopping).

Plus, the reception should be a great time. We’ll have plenty of free snacks and beverages, plus $1 microbrews from Sockeye Brewing and $1.50 Fremont Brewing Company tall cans, and wine for those of age.

When and where is this all taking place? The candidate forum will be taking place on Wednesday, Feb. 19 from 6-8 pm at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre.

We hope to see you there!

Board's Delegation to the GM