Community Partnerships

Part of the mission of the Moscow Food Co-op is to grow and nourish the communities that we serve, which is why we are proud to partner with the following organizations:

Northwest Public Radio
The Moscow Food Co-op is proud to partner with Northwest Public Radio through underwriting support of The Splendid Table and The Retro Cocktail Hour.


The Moscow Food Co-op is proud to partner with Culligan of Moscow in support of clean water. Culligan customers who purchase or rent water conditioning equipment, including water softeners, iron filters and reverse-osmosis systems, receive a free 12 oz. package of organic Cravens Coffee (locally roasted in Spokane, WA) from the Co-op!


Backyard Harvest
The Moscow Food Co-op is proud to partner with Backyard Harvest to bring you the GROW-Op Garden, a garden plot that is used as a teaching and learning space for gardening techniques and practices while growing fresh produce for local food banks. Backyard Harvest also supports the Tuesday Growers Market with their Shop the Market program, allowing SNAP recipients to buy fresh, local produce and eggs directly from farmers.

Business Partner Program

The Moscow Food Co-op Local Business Partner Program strengthens the connection between our owners and local businesses and helps build the local economy. Local business partners from all kinds of sectors, including childcare, farming, and wellness services, offer discounts to Co-op owners. At the same time, our local partners benefit from our owners' patronage and are promoted by the Co-op.

This relationship helps keep dollars and jobs local. The program includes locally owned businesses in the Quad City area (Moscow, Pullman, Clarkston, Lewiston), Latah or Whitman counties, and surrounding communities.

Interested in becoming
a Co-op Business Partner?

Business partners receive the following support from the Co-op for their participation in our program:

  • A free listing in our Business Partner brochure, which is given to all new owners and available in the store.
  • A free listing of the business on our website.
  • 10% discount on advertising in Rooted, our free quarterly magazine, and in Community News, our online monthly publication that is emailed to more than 3,000 households. Also business card sized advertisements in Rooted are available only to our Business Partners. Rate information available here.
  • Promotion at Co-op events.

By applying to the program, the applicant asserts that at least 51 percent of the business is locally owned. Applicants also asserts that their business supports the principle of non-discrimination, and practices non-discrimination in all aspects of their business. The Moscow Food Co-op practices non-discrimination as stated in the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Furthermore, non-discrimination is one of the seven International Co-operative Principles on which the Moscow Food Co-op is based. That principle states: “Co-operatives are open to all persons able to use their services without gender, sexual orientation, physical handicap, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.” 

Vendor Table Program

The purpose of the Moscow Food Co-op Vendor Table Program is to provide an opportunity for local artisans, organizations and cottage businesses to share information about their programs and services, sell their locally handmade products and to evaluate the potential market for their products and services in the wider community.

The Vendor Table Program addresses the Co-op’s long-term strategic goals of 1) developing and supporting the local, organic and sustainable food and goods economy, and 2) increasing community engagement, outreach, and education.

The Vendor Table Program is open to artisans, organizations and cottage businesses that are based in the Quad City area (Moscow, Pullman, Clarkston, Lewiston), Latah or Whitman counties and surrounding communities. By applying to have a vendor table at the Co-op, the applicant asserts that at least 51 percent of the business or enterprise is locally owned, or in the case of organizations, that the organization serves the Quad City area and/or the surrounding communities. Businesses must not employ more than five employees to be considered “cottage.”

If you are interested in joining our Vendor Table Program, please fill out the Vendor Table Program Application and read the accompanying guidelines. Your completed application can be returned by mail, email, fax or by dropping it off at the store. Please see the application for more details.