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Apply for a Co-op Community Fund Grant

Any community group or organization with a federal tax ID # with a project in one of the following categories may apply for a grant. 
Project Categories:
1. Environment – environmental projects, recycling, alternative transportation, etc.
2. Community – healthcare, social services, service groups, community groups, etc.
3. Farming & Hunger – alternative agriculture, organic farming, food banks, etc.
4. Cooperatives – co-op organizations, co-op development, co-op education, co-op projects, etc.
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Point of Contact
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Contact Phone
The Twin Pines Cooperative Community Fund, the organization that established the Seed Sowers Fund, organizes recipients into four Categories - please select the one that you feel applies to your organization. The four categories are: 1) ENV - Environmental: Environmental projects, Recycling, and Alternative Transportation. 2) COMM - Community: Health care, Social service, Service groups, and Community events. 3) F&H - Farming and Hunger: Alternative agriculture, Organic farming, and Food banks. 4) COOP - Cooperatives: Co-op organizations, Co-op development, Co-op funds, Co-op education. Please choose the one your organization most closely aligns with.
Please provide a brief history (mission, programs, etc.) of your organization.
What problem or need in our community does your project address?
Please provide us with some general information about how these grant funds will be used. Please keep in mind that we are unsure of the total grant amount until we select our recipient.
What accomplishments are you hoping to achieve with your grant? How will you measure your success, and what evidence will you use to quantify it?