What is Dime in Time?

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Dime in Time is a community giving program of the Moscow Food Co-op. Customers are given a “10-cent token” every time they bring in a reusable tote bag or drink cup. Customers donate their dime by depositing the token into one of three clear plastic bins, each of which represents a cause or organization selected by the Dime in Time committee. These bins will rotate every three months, with one bin always reserved for the Co-op Community Fund (formerly known as the Seed Sowers Fund.)



Recipients for September — November 2019

Saving For a Storm is a nonprofit for animals located in Pullman, Washington. Its mission is to save animals in need through funding for emergency medical treatment and rehoming animals that the humane societies cannot take in. At this time, Saving For a Storm completely donation funded, so all of its resources come from donors like you!

The team at Saving For a Storm believes that no pet should have to die due to insufficient funds. Your donations to the Dime in Time program through the Moscow Food Co-op will allow Saving For a Storm to help local animals to find their fur-ever homes and fund more emergency medical treatments. They strongly believe that pets are family, and cannot thank you enough for believing in
this cause!

Inland Oasis is a volunteer-based organization serving the needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Ally communities of the Palouse.  They work with various health organizations to provide free HIV testing, LGBTQ+ sex education, and safe sex kits. In addition, Inland Oasis sponsors two support groups: the adult trans group and teen queer group.  They also maintain the Lily Longlegs Emergency Fund to assist those in the community in need.  Every month, Inland Oasis sponsors the Rainbow Families social, a potluck bringing queer and allied families together in the name of understanding and acceptance.

Inland Oasis’s major fundraising events are monthly Drag Bingo nights and the annual Palouse Pride event. These events give them the opportunity to showcase and celebrate members of the queer community. Your donations will support free HIV testing at LGBTQ+ friendly clinics around the Palouse



How are Dime in Time recipients selected?

A committee made up of Co-op Owners and Volunteers choose the recipients for each season. This committee is committed to supporting non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-discriminatory organizations whose goals complement or support the Mission Statement of the Co-op: “Working Together to Nourish and Nurture our Community.” 

Application deadlines are as follows:
October 31
January 31, April 30, July 31, October 31

Fill out the form below to apply for a Dime in Time grant.

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Contact Person
Our mission: "Working together to nourish and nurture our community."
Grant funds collected by the Dime in Time program range between $400 and $600, depending on customer participation. Please be specific when discussing how these funds will be used - what programs will they support? Do you expect the DiT funds to fully fund a given project, or will you be seeking other opportunities for fundraising?
1) To write a 400-word article for The Co-op's use, due by the 15th of the chosen month, explaining your organization's purpose and the proposed use of funds (submit this to editors@moscowfood.coop) 2) To promote Dime In Time amongst members of your organization and the larger community 3) To mention the Moscow Food Co-op in any publicity, written or oral, related to the project funded (in part or in whole) by Dime in Time funds.