The intent of the Co-op’s community support programs are to benefit local, secular, non-profit, and non-discriminatory organizations. Preference will be given to organizations whose goals address food security issues or align with the Co-op's Ends Statement, which is as follows:

Promote the local, sustainable, and organic food and goods economy; be a workplace of choice for all employees; increase economic and cultural accessibility for all community members; model environmental sustainability through our activities, facilities, products and services; educate our owners, customers, and the wider community about food and food systems; grow and expand to further our mission.

Take a look at some of our giving programs below:

Dime in Time

Dime in Time is a community giving program of the Moscow Food Co-op. Customers are given a “10-cent token” every time they bring in a reusable tote bag or drink cup. Customers donate their dime by depositing the token into one of three clear plastic bins, each of which represents a cause or organization selected by the Dime in Time committee. These bins will rotate every three months, with one bin always reserved for the Co-op Community Fund (formerly known as the Seed Sowers Fund.)

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Community Contributions

The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to be able to offer donations to a variety of community non-profit organizations. Our support is often provided in the form of Co-op gift baskets, and/or food items (gift cards are an option, however, gift baskets & food items can be given at cost and are thus a more efficient contribution). Depending on the nature of the request, in-kind donations may be possible. Our Community Contributions Committee meets only once a month, so we recommend applying at least four to six weeks ahead of time.

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The Co-op Community Fund

When you round up at the Co-op, the funds we raise ultimately benefit local organizations and Co-ops all around the country! How does it work?

We send our round-up funds to the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, and they provide loan capital to co-ops around the country, then return the interest to us each year. We return this “interest income” to local organizations each year in the form of grants. The fund grows as Co-op owners donate, and we all return more to our community and to Co-ops everywhere!

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