Sales on Co-op Products

Fresh Flyer

Every other Wednesday we roll out new deals, offering deep discounts on select items in our Fresh Departments! This often includes seasonal produce, Co-op-made baked goods, and more.

The Fresh Flyer deals change frequently, so make sure you’re stopping in the Co-op to see what’s on now!

Co-op Deals

The Co+op Deals coupon book offers money-saving coupons on your favorite products. This coupon book is brought to you by more than 125 food co-ops working together across the country.

Coupon books are available at the Moscow Food Co-op registers and Customer Service Desk. Look for the new coupon tear-pads near participating products!

Co-op Basics

Co+op Basics offers low prices on staple items, like bread, milk, baby food, and even home goods like dish soap, laundry detergent, and diapers. For the best value, look for the purple tag!

Everyday low prices offered through this program are aimed at being the highest value for the lowest cost. Click the image to find a list of recipes featuring Co+op Basics that you can download for free!

Co-op discounts

Some of the discounts listed below are available only to Co-op owners, while others are available to everyone who shops in our store! Any shopper who signs up for a membership or renews their expired membership will be eligible for the discount.

Each discount could be bound by rules set by the Co-op, so please ask any customer service representative to get the details!


20% off every visit.

Our community straddles two of the most food-insecure counties in the Inland Northwest. One in five families on the Palouse is affected by food insecurity - this means that, for those families, it's not always certain where the next meal is coming from, nor whether there will be enough for everyone to eat.

FLOWER is one way the Moscow Food Co-op is reducing the impact of food insecurity on the Palouse. It’s an acronym that stands for Fresh, Local, Organic, and Within Everyone’s Reach. Participants in the FLOWER program receive a 20% discount at checkout, making it easier for shoppers to meet their family’s nutritional needs.

If you qualify for the FLOWER discount but you aren't a Co-op owner yet, become one today by asking your cashier at the register, and once your discount becomes active, you’ll receive a $10 Co-op gift card.

The FLOWER discount is available to owners of the Co-op who meet their state’s eligibility requirements for at least one of the following programs. You do not need to currently be receiving these benefits, you only need to show proof that you are eligible to receive them.

Send an email with your questions:, or give us a call at (208) 882-8537, and enter extension 222.