The Moscow Food Co-op currently has a Director Position available to be filled by Board Appointment. The term will be from mid-August, 2016 to April, 2017. Application Packets are currently available at the Customer Service Desk and at the link here.  Please return the completed application by July 31 in order to be considered for appointment. Per Moscow Food Co-op Bylaws, any Board Appointee interested in continuing to serve as a Director past April, 2017, must run in the next regularly scheduled Board of Director Election and be elected by the Co-op Ownership.


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2016 Board Election Results

March 13, 2016

The Moscow Food Co-op Board Elections Committee has verified the results of the 2016 Board of Directors election.

A total of 488 ballots were cast by Co-op owners over the course of the election, which ran from March 5th through 6 p.m. PST on March 13th. The Board election was conducted electronically for the second time in our history. The elections committee, which is composed of two Board members who are not up for election this year, one Co-op staff member, and one Participating Owner, worked with the Co-op’s Information Technology Manager to oversee the election process and ensure its integrity.

We have found the results to be as follows:

David Nelson
Yes: 415
No: 73
Elected to: 3-year term

Idgi Potter
Yes: 435
No: 53
Elected to: 3-year term

Laurene Sorensen
Yes: 413
No: 75
Elected to: 2-year term

Bill Beck
Yes: 405
No: 83
Bill Beck was disqualified as a candidate on March 12, 2016 due to violations of elections policy.

Effective at the April 12th Board of Directors meeting, David Nelson, Idgi Potter, and Laurene Sorensen will begin their terms on our Board. Due to previous resignations and appointments, the seats in this year’s election vary in their term durations to ensure that the three-year Board terms among the seven directors are staggered.

The electronic ballot process has internal safeguards to protect anonymity and prevent vote tampering. No one can enter the system and make changes without the system generating a detailed log report. The committee monitored log reports and is pleased to report that this election is valid, open, and fair. We would like to thank the candidates and all of the Moscow Food Co-op owners who participated in this democratic process.

If you have any questions about this election, please email

In cooperation,

Kurt Obermayr, Elections Committee Chair & Board Member
Colette DePhelps, Board Member
Joe Gilmore, Information Technology Manager
Melinda Schab, General Manager
Joan Rutkowski, Owner Engagement Coordinator
Toni Salerno, Participating Owner

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